Time Management Self-Study Learning OUtcome #2

Semester Calender

Ideal Weekly Plan

Personalized To-do List

Example of a to-do list by me

Three days completely documented

Today, I stuck to my plan decently well. I did seem to find myself looking at the time a lot more and making sure that I am not wasting as much time as I normally would. It is pretty hard to stick to this plan and it is hard to stay focused. I ended up wasting some time at the end of the day that could of been used in a much more productive way.

Today, I found myself really slacking off from what needed to be done. I was still able to complete the necessary tasks but only barely did them and didn't put much effort into making sure I did them well. I am realizing that following this plan is much harder than I ever anticipated.

Today, I realized that is really hard to stick to the plan that I created exactly. I found myself wasting a lot of time when I could of been using that doing productive things.

At the end of this exhibit, I found that it was very hard to stick exactly to my schedule. I ended up steering away from my schedule a lot more than I had imagined. I did notice that I was getting a lot more productive done than I was before I used this schedule. My numbers show that in the three days, I did 16 Q1, 5 Q2, 0 Q3, and 8 Q4 things. Those statistics are still very good and ones that I would be proud to keep.


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