Shorty's Skatepark

Shorty’s a DIY skatepark has been around for five years, a second home to many of the people of Newark. Everyone comes to this spot, whether it be stoners, skaters, graffiti artists, photographers and even volleyball players and their children share this hidden spot. On March 17th a fence was built, the next day there were construction vehicles surrounding it ready to demolish it. Whoever was responsible demolished parts of the walls. Everyone was surprised once they saw the torn down walls, wondered what was to become of this Shorty’s. The group of men that have dedicated 5 years to building Shorty’s discovered it was an illegal demolition so it was called off. My personal body of work and the work of others found on social media shows the changes this place has gone through and the memories it holds for everyone involved in this DIY space.

One of the first images I've ever taken of Shorty's. April 20, 2015
Front side of Shortys after walls being illegally demolished. March 17th, 2017

Shorty's has been around for approximately 5 years, with all the rumors floating around about it being sold and soon to be, people still hang around, skate, play volley ball, and most importantly still build it up with tires, concrete and wires. Many events have been planned to raise money for all the supplies. The most recent event happened on April 29.

Flyer created for the fundraising event.
Photo by: Alan Sikirić
Before and after photos of the front side of shorty's.

A little history of Shorty's: Many friends of mine have told me that this spot was called Shorty's due to the fact that when this spot was just being built, there used to be a homeless woman named Shorty's. She became very good friends with everyone `that came by, they even helped her get her life together. They also gave her money that they scrapped up to get herself cleaned up. She now works in a warehouse in the ironbound area. She was devastated when she found out her spot is being destroyed slowly but surely.

Photos by Jake.
One of the ways to enter to Shorty's filled with dirt and trash. #1
Tractors behind Shorty's moving dirt and piles of trash.

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