United Kingdom Short and easy facts

The UK is known for their famous fich ans chips... (it dosent taste THAT good though...)

Fish and chips (fish and french fries)

The british flag, also known as the Union Jack is merged of the flag from England, Scotland and Northen Ireland (Wales flag isnt merged even the country is a part of th UK)

The union jack is english, scotish and irish flag merged together

Total size of the UK is 245 363 square kilometers (km2)

  • England: 130 395 km2
  • Scotland: 80 077 km2
  • Ireland: 14 130 km2
  • Wales: 20 761 km2

Total population is about 68 355 000

  • England: 55 040 000
  • Scotland: 5 422 000
  • Ireland: 4 725 000
  • Wales: 3 168 000

Popular sports in UK is Football (soccer), Golf, Rugby and Cricket



This is my english homework 06. december 2016

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