MGA102: Principles and History of Typography Antreas Panagi, Sousana Christianidou

Everyday typography: Bars at Saripolou.
Everyday typography: A day spent at Saripolou. Typography on it's finest.
Everyday typography: Time for a tea. Take a rest and get creative!
Everyday typography: Be careful! Drive safely.
Everyday Typography. Let's read something! Book addiction.
Print before Gutenberg: Paleolithique era.
Print before Gutenberg: Egyptian typography- Hieroglyphics.
Print before Gutenberg: Ancient Greek.
Print before Gutenberg: photo taken from the book, The treasures of Tutankhamon.
Print before Gutenberg: photo taken from the book, The treasures of Tutankhamon.
Anatomy of TypE
Anatomy of Type: photo taken from the book, GRAPHIC Design School.
Anatomy of Type: photo taken from the book, GRAPHIC Design School.
History of Typography
History of Typography: Font of history.
History of Typography: Modern / Bauhaus, Swiss style (19th - 20th century)
ProjecT - letters hierarchy
Project 2 - Sousana Christianidou
Project 2 - Antreas Panagi
Project 2 - Antreas Panagi

PaUl renner

Paul Friedrich August Renner (August 9, 1878 – April 25, 1956) was a typeface designer. In 1927, he designed the Futura typeface, which became one of the most successful and most-used types of the 20th century. He was born in Wernigerode, Germany and died in Hödingen.

He disliked abstract art and many forms of modern culture, such as jazz, cinema, and dancing. But equally, he admired the functionalist strain in modernism. Thus, Renner can be seen as a bridge between the traditional (19th century) and the modern (20th century). He attempted to fuse the Gothic and the roman typefaces.

Typeface no1: Architype Renner
Typeface no2: Futura
Typeface Futura used on posters.
Typography Hierarchy
Typography Hierarchy on posters.
Typography Hierarchy on posters.
Positive & negative space
Posters with Negative & Positive Space
project - hierarchy poster
Project 3: Antreas Panagi
Project 3: Sousana Christianidou
Type as image
Pictures shaped out of letters and words.
Grid anD layout
Grid used on posters.
GOlden ratio
  • There's a common mathematical ratio found in nature that can be used to create pleasing, natural looking compositions in your design work.
  • We call it the Golden Ratio, although it's also known as the Golden Mean, The Golden Section, or the Greek letter Phi. Whether you're an illustrator, art director or graphic designer, it's well worth considering the Golden Ratio on any project.
  • The Golden Ratio describes the perfectly symmetrical relationship between two proportions.
Project - shape and letter
Project 1: Antreas Panagi
Project 1: Sousana Christianidou
Experimental typography
Dadaism - Typography
David carson

David Carson (born September 8, 1955) is an American graphic designer, art director and surfer. He is best known for his innovative magazine design, and use of experimental typography. He was the art director for the magazine Ray Gun, in which he employed much of the typographic and layout style for which he is known. In particular, his widely imitated aesthetic defined the so-called "grunge typography" era.

Project - A5 booklet
Project 4: Minimal Booklet - Antreas Panagi
Project 4: Swiss style Booklet - Sousana Christianidou

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