Sharks jaquarian moss

Sharks can have from 1 to 100 babies at a time, depending on what type of shark it is

Sharks are 470 species belonging to superoder selachimorpha.

with over 500 known species to date, sharks come in a variety of different shapes

There are approximatley 200 to 250 species of sharks live in all of the oceans.

There are more than 465 known species of sharks living on are ocean today

sharks have been in our ocean for 400 million of years

Sharks have been around for 100 million of years.

Not all sharks are feirce carnivores some are quite harmless. but oddly the biggest sharks are the harmful sharks

Almost all sharks are carnivores or meat eaters. they live in a diet of fish

Sitting at the top the marine food chain, sharks are the majestic creature of the sea.

Sharks are an apex predator at or near the top of there food chain

Sharks have the most powerful JAWS! on the planet unlike most animals

It has been estimated that the bite force of a great white shark is up to 4,000 PSL.

The cookiecutter shark can take ice-cream-scoop-shaped bites out of other sharks.

The jaws of a shark is not attched to their skull instead their moving separatley.

The most dangerous sharks, are the great white shark, tiger shark, hammer head, mako shark, and the bull shark

One of the reason sharks are such predators is that they have super senses.

Smell is sharks most acute sense. Approximatley, 70 percent of the sharks brain is used for,

Sharks can smell a drop of blood in 1 mill drops of water.

Sharks have been around for million of years. Also ancient sharks lived before shark land vertebrate populated the earth

Sharks have survived 5 massive planet extinction events.

With over 500 known species to date, sharks come in a variety of different shapes.

Hammerhead sharks oddly shaped heads, called cephalofoils aren't for show.

Fossils records indicate that the first sharks lived 300 million years ago.

Sharks have skeletons composed of cartitage rather than of bone.

Sharks skin are made up of a serious of scales that act as an outer skeleton easy.

Sharks shed there teeth constantly and once one of the teeth fall to the ocean floor its quick to cover with sand.

The skin of of a female shark is thicker than male sharks.

Both male and female sharks teeth are covered in flour, that., make them cavity resistant.

Sharks teeth have been thought to inspire the first tools created by humans.

Some shark fossils discovered date back far as 420 450 million years

Sharks belong to a family of fish that have a skeleton made of cartilig a tissue lighter

Sharks have adapted to living in a wild tangle of aquatic habbitats at rarious temptures.

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