Non-Fiction By: erica neal

Maps are drawings that show the basic shape of the land and other geographical, political, or historical features. They present information in a visual form and help the reader understand where and how far away an event has took place.
Photos help readers understand something by looking at it from the inside.
A journal is a daily written record of personal experiences and observations, helping us learn things about our past and gives us further detail of historical events.
Timelines show important events in chronological order or time order. They help the reader better understand the order of events and how one event may lead to the other.
Textbooks help teach you useful information that you will most likely use in your future.
Non-Fiction books help tell, inform, teach, and explain facts and events to the reader.
Scientists find bones everyday that helps us learn about how humans have evolved and how many species have gone extinct.
Newspapers can help show biased writing. Be careful when looking for information.

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