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My name is Alyssa Kanipe. I am in my 20th year as an educator in North Carolina. I was a 5th grade teacher for 13 years. I finally decided to put my masters degrees to good use and took a position being an elementary Instructional Technology Facilitator at the school when I taught. I did that for four years and loved it. For the past three years I have been working on the district level serving our 8 elementary schools. I love working with teachers and students. It is the best of both worlds.

I remember starting as a newbie at NCDLCN last year. I met my team and my fabulous mentor Robin. I learned so much from that group. Networking as a whole was what was so valuable to me and my experience. As the year progressed, I found myself trying to branch out more in my schools and help other teachers with some of the coaching skills I had acquired. I found that attending NCDLCN increased my awareness of many topics and validated some of my thinking. I increased my PLN tremendously and more importantly I made many valuable friends.

This school year I decided to try to see if I would be selected as a mentor. I wanted to apply for several reasons. I really didn't want last year to end. More importantly I wanted to try to be a positive resource for someone. I really don't know that I am qualified to be a mentor. When I looked at the bio of each of my mentees I was in awe of their repertoire and accomplishments. They were super-human educators. How did little ole me get to be their mentor? I really felt unworthy of the job. Throughout the year, I find myself more their cheerleader, and advice go to than their mentor expert. These ladies are awesome! I am so proud of all the really innovative things I see them doing in their districts and beyond. I look forward to working along side them as a colleague for many years to come. I can't imagine how much more inspiring they can be!

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