Xllullan Parlor Episode 1: Asian Safari - A stylish food experience

XLLULLAN Parlor Series - Episode 1 : Asian Safari - A stylish food experience with handcrafted global-inspired dishes.

New York, NY – May 5, 2018 - Xllullan Parlor Episode 1 premiered the Asian Safari immersive stylish food experience, hosted by Style + Sustenance, adding interior styling and handcrafted global-inspired dishes.

Arranging themed experiences by blending fashion with stylish companies that complement Xllullan, setting a tone for the collaborative parlor. The first episode featured an Asian Safari theme; adding the perfect companion to the floral & giraffe motifs from the Summer 2018 Collection Incandescence. The interior styling included monstera leaves, birds of paradise flowers, and dragon fruit used for the decor bringing a high hue stroke of beauty to the experience. Continuing the integration of Asian influences, the wholesome cuisine for the evening included a succulent soul roll, wasabi pea pate, and quinoa fried rice.

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Brittnay Weaver

T: +1(917)272-24457

E: britt@xllullan.com


Instagram: @xllullan

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