Smarter Not Harder Organizational & time shaving tools for all teachers


Screencastify is a wonderful for any educator who is looking to make creating videos easier. This tool allows the teacher to create video recordings of lessons, tutorials, lectures, etc. that he or she can post or send to students for a flipped classroom or extra help. The purpose is to let you control your screen to show what you wish, while your voice records over your actions. It is definitely a time-saving tools and makes planning & instruction much easier.

Class Dojo

This is another wonderful tool that helps teachers track student behavior in the classroom. The teacher can create classes under his or her account, which students and parents can join so that they can track their own or child's behavior. It also runs reports for individual students as well as an entire class. Class Dojo is a great tool for tracking behavior easily due to the simplicity of the tool and its ability to run reports, which helps with behavior intervention.


LiveBinders is an online organizational tool where teachers or students can keep all of their information in one location. Teachers can create binders for lessons and units, professional development and evaluation information, or projects for students. Students can use this site to create project or professional portfolios as well as store other information for classes. LiveBinders also offers a community for educators to share and exchange ideas, lessons, and other information. It is a great tool for teachers & students.


Protopage is a wonderful online site where teachers can create a personal page geared toward student use or teacher use. Teachers can keep track of links to sites they use on a consistent basis, they can create sticky notes, & they can even link their Protopage to their school social media sites. It also allows teachers to track news sources for students & add photos or documents that students or others may need access to. It offers a variety of styles & layouts as well, so teachers can really personalize their space.

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