Off-Road & Unimproved Road Class

"If you can get yourself out you were delayed not stuck." - uncredited BSR instructor

Our off-road class teaches you how to successfully navigate your vehicle through extreme terrain hazards. While always concentrating on vehicle preservation.

In most cases vehicle failure leads to mission failure.

With more than 5 miles of unimproved roads, covering approximately 30 acres, and are divided into individual trails for tailored instruction.

It is estimated that 85% of the world's roads are considered "unimproved"?

These are dirt roads that might have a bit of gravel, no asphalt of any type and no regular maintenance. In this part of the class you learn to navigate these roads at an accelerated pace while maintaining control.

Later in the day we move to our off-road training area. Here you learn different ways to overcome obstacles that at first glance might seem impossible to drive over.

We have over 2 miles of off-road trails. Plus a man-made off-road area. Together they give drivers of all levels a variety of terrain that will challenge their skills.

"Man-Made" Off-Road Area

The Side Hill exercise is used to teach about vehicle stability.
Rock Garden mainly used to teach Ground Guiding.
Stair Climb. This can challenge even experienced students.

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