Uncle Ant , helping the Easter Bunny make Lorenzo's basket... (A good bedtime story)

So as the story goes...The Easter Bunny does exist... Where he came from or where he lives is unimportant. What is important is that once a year he chooses 1 adult per kid per household to come visit in that adults dream to ask that adult just how good or bad that kid has been throughout the year. So This year since I (Uncle Ant) was the chosen adult for Lorenzo ,of course I gave the bunny an amazing report!! From doing lots of homework to being in school plays from making great artistic masterpieces to being well behaved and well mannered with his parents and friends and family but mainly for being a shining superstar . Well when the Bunny heard all of these wonderful things he was so happy !! He laughed .. he smiled ... and laughed some more... he than said "oh no!!" Lorenzo will not get just an ordinary everyday run of the mill average Easter basket !!! He needs one fit for a shining superstar. Of course I proudly agreed. And the Bunny said but I've got so many other children to visit before Easter he asked me if I would help him with the basket... I happily said yes!!! He than handed me a long detailed list of magical instructions on how to make the basket and just what to put in it. Now I knew it was magic because every time I opened the instructions it flowed and sparkled... so as the story has it in the name of Lorenzo Tanner-Brown ... I go on every day adding Lil by lil to his basket fit for a shining superstar following only the steps given to me by the Easter Bunny himself!!!! Happy Easter Lorenzo!!!!! I love you kiddo!!!!!l

Easter basket in the creation process...

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