Aliens Jordan and michael

Recently an alien has abuducted one of our scientists here at the lab. Some data that the scientist gave the alien was about gravity and electromagnetism. The scientist claims that this alien was from the planet eyedoughnut beleeveu.

The scientist demonstrated some experiments to the alien. One of which being the electromagnet made out of a battery copper wire and a nail. The scientist has come back with some audio recordings of his conversation with the so called Alien. "How do the magneticy stuff from battery get to the nail?" -Alien "well mister alien the reason the battery is able to give energy to the nail is because the copper wire is a conductor. The conductor works as passage in a way for energy to pass through into the nail. Since the copper wire is wrapped around the nail the wire passes its energy onto the nail giving it an electromagnetic charge."-Human.

The scientist also demonstrated gravity to the alien."And this is how gravity works *throws ball in air and lets it fall* this is how us humans stay on earth"-Human. "Wow! But I have question. Why do earth not go to people's gravity like people go to earths gravity?"-Alien

Human- well alien the reason we attract to the earth but the earth doesn't attract to us is because the earth has a way bigger mass than us so the force of the earth is way greater than ours.

Alien- wow that amazing but wait what's a force and does it affect you on earth.

Human- as I said before Mister alien a force is something that pushes or pulls and we attract to the earth like metal yo a magnet.

Alien- that good now last question what are poles on magnet called.

Human-those two poles are the north and South Pole.

Alien- wow thank you I will now be leaving to go to other aliens about this.

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