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Every good story begins with Imagination and writing down your ideas. Whether your purpose is to inform, teach, persuade or entertain, it helps to organize your thoughts into a written draft, then critique and revise the story before editing and publishing for your audience. Creating video learning stories follow the same process and add images & sound to bring the stories to life.


Capture images of your students making, creating and doing things that matter. Use a tripod and natural light to get good quality audio and video.


Capture your students' reflections on their learning experiences by asking open ended questions. Use a tripod, natural light and a good mic to get quality audio and video.


Use iMovie on your computer or mobile device to build your story with your students' voices then add the captured footage, some titles and royalty-free music. Export your finished movie to your computer or iPad.


Upload your inspiring Visual Stories to your RVSchools Channel to share publicly with your audience.

Take a look at this visual learning story from grade two:


Visit our online portfolio that shares learning stories, tutorials, and examples from Rocky View Schools in Alberta, Canada.

Created By
Rocky View Studio


Images by Rick Gaudio, Learning Specialist, Technology Branch, Rocky View Schools, Alberta, Canada. Video Exemplar by Amber Mrak and Janelle Phillips.