The requirements to be storyboard artist By Dylan carbonell

The job of a storyboard artist is to is to draw out a blueprint of the entire story, a series of drawings indicating everything that happens visually in a sequence.

There are many jobs I want in the animation industry but one of the best ones for me I believe would be storyboard artist

The reason I'd like to become one is because I often have a specific vision with how scenes play out, and to come up with ideas for visual actions and how scenes are composed always sounded appealing to me.

I also like coming up with gags and interesting visuals.

I've recently learned storyboarding is not just about funny drawings.

It's about things like staging and composition, and even in some cases, character acting.

I've often been told the best way to study cinematography in storyboard is to copy and analyze well composed shots from already existing movies.

It can be used as a guideline for the animators on the characters expressions and poses. In the case of TV shows like Steven Universe and Ed, Edd N' Eddy, the storyboard artists are practically the key frame animators.

A good source for storyboard lessons is tutorials from SpongeBob board artist Sherm Cohen. I would like to buy his tutorial DVDs, but I can't afford them.

However I plan on writing my own short stories, and making storyboard animatics out of those as a means to practice storyboarding.

I'm so intrigued by storyboarding that I would even like to write the screenplays for my movies in comic book form so I can put emphasis on the visual aspect of them.

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