Fear in Love by: cianna pinto

Never ending emotion. Pain and pleasure. Who can my brain trust to speak the words it speaks to me, and only me,? I am ruled through fear, and have the approach of being happy. My approach is not my definition. Everyday is a battle needing to be fought by God, to prove his love for us all. But my battle is never ending, God himself has tried to help, but the battle for others need him more. Love is who your brain thinks it can trust only to realize that your heart will be scared as many times the brain does. Neurology, Cardiology, Emotion, all are things we need to survive life. What would happen if we didn't? Fearing all your life of one emotion, one strong emotion, is exhausting. But it's there, forever and always. It's there when you are with the people who care for you and when you are with the people you care for too. Fear is in love. Fear is love. Loving is a risk of fearing.


Created with images by Nick Kenrick.. - "Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey. Lord Byron"

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