North Dakota Veterans Home Lisbon, ND COVID-19 UPDATE 5-1-2020

Words from Wayne

by Rev. Wayne McKirdy
As I look out my window this morning, I see GREEN …. all over, the grass is green, the hill is green, well, the trees aren't yet. But the sun is shining on one beautiful world. And I get to watch it. … My bird feeder is occupied by some Grackles, a sparrow, and a Mourning dove just now, plus a couple more doves out on the grass. It's now 58 degrees -- supposed to hit 70 this afternoon. And a friend, Mark, and I will spend about 1 1/2 hours walking this afternoon. Mark and I are the same height - 6' 2" (well that truck back in 99 did bend my head forward so now I'm only 6', but everything is still here.) We walk a bit, and then stop to observe nature better (some people call it resting). Got chewed out for a walk we took on the North side of the trees a few days ago. It was a bit rough for our walkers, and they like to see where we are just in case, we should fall or something. No matter what they are doing, the staff is very observant. We don't get by on much that we shouldn't be doing. Sort of nice to know someone is watching. They care. The virus is now in our county. I haven't heard where. But they really tightened the restrictions. Only 2 in the therapy room at a time. And they moved a NuStep to our pod. I am on it at 2. Mark spends about an hour, from 1 o'clock, in therapy, so we're both ready to walk shortly before 3. We can't go downtown even if we had a car or cared to walk it -- I guess we are not supposed to go off campus, but the main store will deliver just about anything we want. They drop it at the door: a staff member brings it in, and then delivers to us. I haven't tried it yet. Really no need. Everything I want is supplied by the home. Can't beat that. Well, while such tight rules are bothersome, I'm sure glad they are enforcing them. Eating is one person per table, so that we stay at least 6 feet apart. No matter what we are doing, we should stay 6 ft apart. We wear a mask any time we are out of our room, so we get along. I think this is the best place I could be during this circumstance. Though I sure do miss seeing any of you. The kids have pretty much adopted Skype to communicate with me. That way I get to see them -- have them in my room so to speak. If any of you are on Skype, I'd sure be glad to visit with you. In the meantime, have a wonderful day. I plan for more of it. God does love us. Hard to believe sometimes, but I sure feel it so often. So, share his love with someone around you. I bet you already do. Love ya. Wayne
We have enjoyed several things this past couple of weeks. With the weather getting nicer we are gearing up for bird feeders and wind chimes. The residents helped create some wind chimes of their own. We are looking forward to gardening in the next couple of weeks and doing more outdoors.

Update from Social Services and Activities Director, Jann Neameyer

We have continued with special days and different contests. We have had some trivia questions and guess how many “jelly beans” in a jar contests. We have taken advantage of the nice weather to cook outside on the Skilled Unit. We have continued to bring a cart around with various treats and have had a “Banana Split Day” as well.

BINGO is still being done in the households but on a smaller scale, with prizes and fun. Pictured to the left is a special household bingo in Independence Hall.


We have continued to do various fun days and it has brought out the creative side in many. We had “Crazy Hair Day” which was a big hit for many with an added excuse not to comb our hair for the day.

Roger got some double takes with this new do.
Very cute Robin!
Stunning Luz!
We will have to ask Gordon more about this. He! He!
A++++ to Aimee for this hairdo!
Amanda, is that you?
Wayne is clearly the winner.


Favorite Costume Day

It is not everyday that Elmo makes appearances at the North Dakota Veterans Home. We are glad he took our advice to wear a face mask. Thanks, Belinda for making us all smile.

Dawn is always ready for a costume day.
Nancy brought some extra style to the D POD.
Bob looks like he should be in a movie.
Luz is ready to conquer the world, especially with Courtney the Easter Bunny by her side.
Does it get any sweeter? Robin as Cindy Lou.
Lisbon Fire Department brings weekly birthday cheer!
Alfred and Courtney pratice social distancing as they wait for the birthday parade from the Lisbon Fire Department. Alfred was in heaven:)
Click on the link below to see video footage:


Thank you for the privilege of caring for your family member!

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