Mara's Portfolio 2016-2017

I took advanced art this year because I enjoy art and wanted to further my abilities. I want to be able to do more things with art in the future.

This is the only project I have completed because I have been jumping around on projects. I enjoyed working with acrylics and getting familiar with them.
This is what I am currently working on and I am getting very far on it. I love pastels and all the things I can do with it. They go on very easily and they smooth out well. It's a media I can work with and make stuff look realistic. I wish I could re-do my cat pencil drawing and really take my time on it. I have used create original art in a lot of my projects I have started because I take my own pictures and make them look different. I think the top two artistic behaviors I have improved in are creating original art and I think that's really the only one I have improved on. I have also improved on observing because I have to observe the pictures in order to make them my own.

My goals are to work with clay and make a sculpture, not throwing but make a sculpture of a cat or something to do with dance. I also want to try more pastels and make them blended more.

This is two `pieces of clay that I made into a pinch pot to start the process of my penguin. I created original art for this because I did not go off of any picture for this.
This was halfway through my penguin before I decided to change the hat because I didn't like how it had a flat top but then I rounded it down.
This is my final project and the wings of the penguin fell off because I did not slip and score the wings all the way down and just at the top. I now know for future reference to slip and score the entire wing before putting it on.

Due Date 3-24-17

This is my final cat project, I really enjoyed doing this project and it expanded what I can do. I finally learned how to use pastels and I really love how it turned out. I had a lot of trouble getting it to look right and I think the final project looks good and I am very happy with it. Getting all the detail in was probably the biggest problem I had. The rest of my project flowed very easily and I was able to get into it towards the end. I took a very big break from this because I could not get into the project at all. I demonstrated original art and observing because I had to go in and find all the details and demonstrate them with pastels. This took a lot of time.

I don't have a picture of my final outcome of my penguin since I don't have a phone. I like it a lot since it's glazed and everything. I now know that you can't make wings too long or they will break during the drying process. This was a project for me to get used to working with clay.

One of my favorite projects that I did was the pastel project that was the baseball and bat laying in the grass. The reason this is my favorite project because it turned out so good and I love how everything came together and it looked realistic.

I think my best skill from art this year would be pastel and clay. I love the clay flowers that I did because I think that they have a good purpose. I will be putting wire hangers in the bottom of them and put them in the garden like fake flowers that look real.

One area I think I can really improve on is acrylic paintings and trying to make them look realistic and making them look better so that I can broaden my artistic abilities. I think that I can make progress and get everything to look better.

I have used a lot of artistic behaviors this year, I would say I have really used creating original art because I come up with all of my projects on my own and don't use other peoples art to make mine. I might look at a picture but then I add my own twist to it to make it my own.

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