Gettin Down On The Mountain By Corb Lund

Cabin Fever

2012 | Country

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“When the oil stops, everything stops, nothin' left in the fountain. -- Nobody wants paper money, son, so you just as well stop countin'.”


  • Album hit #51 and #13 on the Top Country Albums and the Top Heatseekers charts respectively.
  • Lund was a founding member of The Smalls a punk band out of Edmonton, ON formed in 1989.
  • His band goes by the moniker The Hurtin Albertans.


Luke Tatum

Coooooool. Economically-aware, prepper country rock? This guy clearly knows what's up--mentioning oil, paper money (as opposed to commodity money), stocking up on ammo, and so forth. But the overall theme here is about being ready for the complete and total collapse of things as we know them. Power grid going down, no food in the grocery store, total ceasing of public services. This is clearly territory I have not ventured far enough into. To be sure, it's easy to put these things off. Life is--despite the statist society we live in--pretty good, since I get to benefit from the accumulation of capital over the last few hundred years. But could there come a time when skills like making a fire, hunting a deer, and growing my own vegetables could be essential? Absolutely.

Sherry Voluntary

It's hard to argue with someone who tells you that you should know how to survive without modern conveniences. We all should learn some basic skills, but look, I'm not gonna spend my precious time learning how to operate a ham radio, or dig a well, for something that might happen. I've got one life to live and while I do enjoy prepper type stuff, I'm not going to devote my life to it. Should you have basic survival knowledge, and a plan? Sure, that's probably best. Should you spend all of your time and money investing in an off the grid life? Well, that's up to you. This is where starting to build communities and networks comes in. I prefer to have some survival skills, and a few highly speacialized valuable skills that I can produce a product or service to trade. I want to live the best life I can, now, and make the most of the time I have. Spending everything on an underground bunker and enough supplies to last 'till the cows come home might make you feel secure, but it's only as good as the scenario you find yourself in, and if you need to be highly mobile, well, good luck. I take the prepare a little, but don't worry your life away about things beyond your control, but hey, that's just my strategy. To each his own. And I like the song. It's a good solid country tune.

Nicky P

Have you ever met a collapsitarian? They’re this wonderful breed of libertarian waiting and in some cases trying to egg on societal collapse. There are different ways in which they see that occurring but monetary collapse seems to be a core expectation in some capacity. They overlap a bit with preppers in a lot of ways. While I think about it, the first person I ever met in real life I’d consider a libertarian also happened to be a prepper/survivalist. This song is an anthem for everyone waiting on the end of the modern world and a return to the type of survival only possible with specific knowledge of the rough places. Far away from the bullshit of people where expert use of nature and tools will keep you alive far out of reach of those with less ability to navigate the often dangerous wild spaces. This song is fun even if it really makes me question what my own plan is...he suggests gold. Libertarians tend to like gold. Does bitcoin work in the woods?

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Nicky P

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