The Joshua Project is the concentrated effort of the FBCVA family to make a three-year giving commitment specifically for a building project on our property on Cartwright Road.

Future site of FBCVA

Why do we feel led to build?

We are called to reach our community for Christ, but our facilities are not equipped to effectively accomplish that task. Limited accessibility, lack of parking areas, an antiquated building lay-out and an absence of interaction areas are just a few of the hindrances to our pursuit of this mission.

Joshua Project Brochure

What do we feel led to build?

A multi-year study by a designated committee has yielded a three phase plan that meets the projected needs of our church in light of the projected growth of our community and the surrounding area. Phase 1 of this plan includes the pre-construction costs associated with a first time construction site plus a building designed for future expansion.

View above Partin Elementary

What is the anticipated cost of the project?

We currently own the property for the building project. A careful pricing of all the facets involved in the construction of the structure in Phase 1 show a cost of $6.5 million. Our available cash plus the amount of loan we currently are qualified to borrow make that goal more than lofty. A more feasible target would be an initial project of $4 million, which would leverage our debt with raising funds for God’s work in this project. This adjusted target (called Phase 1A) would include pre-construction costs to prepare the property for construction and a scaled-down version of the structure in Phase 1.

What is meant by “Not equal gifts, but equal commitment”?

Everyone in our church has different giving potential due to their current financial circumstances. While the amount we can give will vary, we each should seek carefully God’s purpose for us, then give sacrificially with equal commitment.

Phase 1

Will I have the opportunity to revise my commitment?

Yes, you may revise your commitment at any time during the three-year period.

Will monetary commitments be made public?

Absolutely not. The totals for the entire church will be tallied by a treasurer and the church’s bookkeeper. No one else in the church will need to know any specifics regarding giving amounts.

What is the construction time frame?

We anticipated construction beginning in early 2020.

Why do I have to fill out a commitment card?

The purpose of the commitment card is to provide the church with an approximate indication of the total so that we can make appropriate plans regarding the project.