PS4 Pro persuasive speech

Do you like gaming with friends , watching movies with the family ? well, the PS4 pro is for you.

So if you or your family are interested in gaming or watching Netflix or Hulu in the living room then tell your parent about the pro.

Why should I buy it you ask? Let me tell you why the pro is the best console on the market.

First let me tell you why it's so cool.

  1. Better quality
  2. More power
  3. Ps virtual reality

First the pro has the best gaming and watching quality. Since it supports 4K streaming. What's also cool about is all games that you owned on your previous PS4 must have a 4K update. Don't have a 4K tv no problem graphics are still advanced to 2080. Who doesn't want their own theatre at their house, literally when watching Netflix looks like you are watching in a theater.

Second the pro has so much power.

  1. Includes a "jaguar" 8 cores CPU
  2. Also, the console GPU has 4.2 teraflops
  3. Best thing it has a custom-chip single processor.
Which brings me to my next reason.

Do you like to be the person literally playing in the game. Well lucky for you PlayStation has made its own VR headset.

  1. Comes with its own console, controller, and two games.
  2. Know with 4K streaming VR is even better than before.
  3. People sitting around you see what you see, don't fall while climbing a mountain.
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