Room Seven Superstars May and June NEWSLETTER

Celebrating the publication of our hardcover animal research books!

Way to go Room Seven Authors
Kickball with our fifth grade buddies!

Field day 2017

Two of my grandsons came to be mystery readers this afternoon. Liam who is in first grade wrote an animal research book on wolves and we noticed many similarities between his book and the ones written by our wolf researchers. Camden will be entering kindergarten in the fall and he read to us from the ABC book he wrote. 😍

Welcome To the Room Seven Superstars Sparks Newsletter. The postings will always be listed with the most current at the top and this newsletter will continue until the last school day on June 16, 2017.

Dear Parents, It was wonderful to see so many of you at our poetry cafe ... it was a terrific success!

Two great videos that can help solidify and challenge fractions.
  • We have been exploring balance this week and have made the following observations:
  • Things in motion, such as spinning around an axel (think of riding a bike) or spinning around an axis (think of a top) are easier to keep balanced.
  • When something is balanced it may wobble but it won't fall down.
  • Adding weight or changing its location effects an object' balance.
Athens High School student Emily Licthenfield came to share her book on butterflies and the milkweed plant. She wrote it for an AHS class and brought along milkweed seeds and a flyer on the importance of planting milkweeds plants for the students to take home.

We will not begin our final math unit Wednesday, so that we can focus on science and social studies for a few days. Next Wednesday , we will take the protest and then we will jump into Unit Seven.

In social studies we will be addressing the difference between "wants" and "needs" and what makes a "good shopper." This unit is always fun and it is very interesting to view economics from a second grade perspective.

In writing we are finishing up our poetry unit and preparing for our Poetry Cafe.

In Reader's Workshop we are wrapping up our Reading is Fun, please check around the house and make sure that all of my Dragon Master and Lunch Lady books are returned to school. The kiddos were reading these and exchanging them with each other that I lost track of who is reading what. Both of these series are fast and fun books for the summer, unfortunately you can not buy Lunch Lady books on Scholastics. If you want to buy Dragon Masters or any other books from Scholastic Books feel free to do so, just make sure to do it by the first week in June.

Next week we will begin our nonfiction research project s on an animal of their choice. The students will be working with partners or in small groups to research and record the information they discover. Later they will organize their information and write a hardcovered chapter book on their animals.
What does it take to balance cardboard shapes.
A you future of comedians sharing their favorite jokes on Friday Funnies!

Week of May 5,2017

Using the tools in our poetry toolbox to reflect and respond to poetry written by the Wass second graders.
Friday, we will reflect on our friends' suggestions before writing our final copies of the poems we chose to share on the The Feedback Lab Wall.
Poets giving feedback on our friends ' poetry.
A special surprise reader... Sarah 's dad came in to share a few chapters from her favorite book., WITCHES DON't DO BACKFLIPS
Sharing some of our parent's two stars and a wish comments on our science journals sound unit. We found that many of our parents found our journals to be VERY informative , however; we found a common "wish" and that was better handwriting. We discussed this in class and decided that all of our interesting information and knowledge is of little value if it is hard for our audience to read. With that in mind many of our scientists are going to put more effort in our handwriting and checking over our spelling.
When I Grow Up, I Might be ... project went home to day and is due on Monday, May 8. There is a student checklist on the back of the first page of directions. Your child has already glued his or her face on the body of the person on the FINAL draft page. The entire packet should be returned to school on Monday. This project will require a little parent support.

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