My Adventure at the FLMNH bY xinyi pan

Nature and Display: I think the cave is the exhibit that most appealing to me. The design of the cave is really good. People can walk through the cave, see the details of it, and touch the speleothems on the ceiling and walls. And the dim light and sound of water flows also help to make the cave environment more vivid. There are also many screens show the formation of the cave, the formation of the speleothems, and the lives that had lived in the cave. This exhibit help me understanding the cave better by giving a simulated environment. And I may not understand it by reading book, because it’s so hard to imagine.

The Cave

Nature and Ethics: The Butterfly Rainforest gives me a great way to enjoy Leopold's words. It is an enclosed ecosystem specialized for butterfly. The museum carefully controls the temperature and humidity to protect the non-domestic butterfly species. When I came in the Butterfly rainforest, I feel really warm. When I breathe, I can feel the moisture in the air. I came to the rainforest with several kids at a cool noon. The temperature is not warm enough, most of the butterflies didn’t open their wings and hide among the plants. Those kids are excited, they marveled at this beautiful ecosystem and felt happy to find the butterflies. I also learned from the guide that many butterflies are losing their habitats. It's important and it's our ethnically responsibility to “love, respect, and admire” our environment.

I'm in the Butterfly Rainforest!

Nature and Human Spirit: The Rearing Lab next to the Butterfly Rainforest help me step out of my ordinary life. The design of this exhibit is so wonderful that it has a huge transparent glass wall to let me see clearly what's going on in the lab. I had an enjoyable lucky experience that I just saw a butterfly emerged from pupae. I feel the mystery and majesty of the nature from it. And it helps me step out of my ordinary life to think about the beginning of new life. The staff told me that though people try to save those endangered butterflies, many butterflies had already extinct. The extinctions of butterflies help me better understand that our human being is just a part of the ecosystem and how insignificant we are. The natural word is so mystery that we should always respect it.

The butterflies are hatching!
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