West End Station DALLAS, TEXAS

By Cammi Tirico and Roxie Richner

West End Station is the westward most station in downtown Dallas, Texas. In a historically black area, West End has now become a gathering spot for people of all ages. Here are the stories of four of them:


Destiny Simms, 17 months old, waits with her mother Alicia Simms, for the train that will take her to daycare. Alicia works two jobs to support Destiny.
“She is my world. I do what I can to give her the life she deserves,” Alicia said. “I like to spoil her.” With her earnings from last week, Alicia bought Destiny new toys and hair accessories.


Chris Hamford spends everyday at the West End Station. It gives him a chance to relax, see his friends and meet new people. It’s his break from his full-time job - taking care of his two year old daughter.
“She’s the thing that keeps me smiling.”


Michael Thayer sat at West End Station waiting for no train. Thayer sat on a bench right in the middle of the station with a toy horse on a stick and large cowboy belt. “I hang out at the station to talk with people and hope to make some kids smile,” Thayer said
He was sporting his hat his father gave him. His Vietnam veteran’s pin he wears proudly.


“I like to look nice, you never know who you are going to see or meet,” Fields said.
Fields, 19, loves fashion. From ripping his own jeans to changing his watch to match his outfit — he puts time into how he looks.

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