Oelo Lighting Solutions Offer your clients the latest trend in new home construction (scroll down for more info)

Where Oelo Shines

Whether it's to create a welcoming glow at your client's new home or business, encourage year-round enjoyment of an outdoor living space, or lay the foundation for holiday luster, make your statement with Oelo's lines of permanent holiday lighting or warm white, dimmable patio lighting.

Home Architecture

Oelo's permanent holiday lighting solutions can bring any home to life. Your clients can customize their lighting concept to highlight their new home's unique architectural features, exude undeniable curb appeal, and radiate seasonal festivity.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Oelo's warm white and dimmable outdoor lighting makes patios, decks, or gazebos useable spaces for year-round fun and relaxation. Oelo's lighting solutions create ambiances to fit any mood or occasion -- whether you're clients plan to host year-round events or simply want to create a welcoming area for guests.

Commercial Locations

Businesses can remain visible and welcoming even when the sun goes down. Oelo's permanent holiday lighting products offer customizable lighting options throughout the year and durability that withstands the test of time.

Oelo Makes it Easy for Your Clients to Love Their Lighting

Radiant, energy-saving LED lights are spaced to your client's liking along a durable channel that blends seamlessly with their new structure -- whether it's a new home, outdoor living space, or business. Oelo's permanent lighting solutions are installed once and allow your client's to light up their day-to-day moments, celebrations, and seasons for years to come!

Durable Channel

The practically invisible lighting channel that houses our brilliant LEDs is comprised of durable polymer materials to protect against moisture, degradation, and fading. Choose from nine color options to ensure a good match for your client's new structure: white, tan, light gray, dark dray, light brown, dark brown, green, blue, and black.

Low-profile design seamlessly fits your structure, remaining disguised by day and gleaming by night.

Lustrous LED Lighting

Individual LED lights shine brightly while also conserving energy and saving your client money. They are highly configurable to fit different spaces and styles as well -- helping your clients fulfill their ideal lighting visions. We achieve your client's vision by customizing the space between light engines along the channel. LED technology delivers safe, energy-efficient lighting that adds brightness to any space.

Vast Color Hues

Our single-color (non-changing) and multicolor LED lights let your client's new home and outdoor spaces shine brightly and uniquely. Opt for simple white lights or millions of potential color hues. Plus, your client can create their own preset lighting programs or choose your own infinite stable color options.

Versatile software and easy control options offer ultimate flexibility and convenience.

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