Own Your Worth An 8 week in-person program to CLAIMING your worthiness

Start your New Year by claiming your self worth!

Worthiness is a powerful thing! It can fuel your travels or break you down on the side of the road.

Ariana Harley and Amber Jane Arquette both agree, that your belief of unworthiness is at the root of so many sabotaging moments in your life; and can responsible for reoccurring bad habits, inability to keep motivated, unseen blocks and reasons we stop manifesting our desires.

It can even steal our celebrations and wins, if we let it.

We also believe that with revealing conversations, reflective moments, the support of two wise women, a bunch of essential oils and one book - you can not only clear out self doubt but claim your power, build up your confidence and take action on your dreams.

Worthiness can open life’s doors of receiving or block every gift that comes your way.

Are you ready to believe in YOU?

Amber Jane Arquette and Ariana Harley have planned a powerful 8 week program located in Portland, Oregon that includes essential oil protocols from Desiree Mangandog's new book : I AM WORTHY!

In this course expect to find and address the hidden places where unworthiness resides. Learn about how the plants support us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

  • You will get a collection of essential oil blends and learn daily protocols to support you through your life.
  • You will receive a free copy of the "I AM Worthy" book by Desiree Mangandog
  • You will build up your worthiness by clearing out old beliefs.
  • You will deepened your inner self trust.
  • You will build a clearer connection to your inner guidance system.
  • You will grow a practice of self love that fuels you.
  • You will meet other amazing women and build community.
  • And you will successfully open up your ability to manifest, believe and receive!

You will build a more intimate relationship with the plants. And meet them in a new way.

Are you ready for the next step? Here's what's included :

Receive a copy of the "I Am Worthy" book by Desiree Mangandog.

Coaching, Facilitation, Education and Guidance from Ariana & Amber Jane

A private facebook group & program partners.

8 weeks of classes at a beautiful space in SE PDX called Tendue.

Essential oils and protocol blends for sale for your convenience.

Program Price is only $222

or contact hello@sweetabundance.net sign up for weekly payments of $33/week

Your Hosts

Ariana Harley has been working with essential oils for eight years, as a Wellness Advocate, teacher, leader, coach, and healer. She specializes in providing daily steps to promote energetic harmony; bringing the mind, body, and spirit back into its natural state of balance and joy.

Born and raised in Portland OR, her education includes ; Thee years of studying transpersonal psychology at Clearmind International, ICAN Institute Coaching program, Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Pacific Northwest College of Art, and is currently enrolled in The Master Healers program with Tiffany Carole MS, L.Ac. LMP

Some call Amber Jane Arquette a modern medicine woman. She has the intuitive gift of talking with the plants. She is the author of a book called Plant Wisdom - Spiritual Messages from the Plant Kingdom. She has been living in Portland Oregon since 1996 and now owns a flourishing healing practice. She combines essential oils and energy medicine to shift people out of stuck places back into alignment and flow. She has become an essential oil expert and speaks and teaches people how to use the for spiritual growth and physical/emotional healing. Working with the essential oils and caring for her families health for the past 7 years, she feels very confident that the oils will change your life.

She hosts a Ritual On The New Moon event each month, as well as a 90 day program to work with her and the Plant Allies exclusively.

The Curriculum:

Desiree Mangandog is an acupuncturist and essential oil expert. She specializes in emotional well-being with the use of essential oils and Chinese Medical principles. Desiree is an author, speaker, intuitive healer and thought leader.

We are pleased to use this book in combination with our collaboration!

Course starts January 17th

There are only 15 spots available - Be sure to save your spot!

Class Schedule :

January 17th - March 6th - Thursdays at 7pm - @Tendue in SE Portland

Worthiness is the door we unlock that allows us access


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