The Reagan Era By britney read


What Is Reaganomics?

Reaganomics refers to Reagan's attempt to bring the United States Government out of the sinking black hole it was in. Prior to Reagan, the US suffered through the Vietnam War and the rough patches of the 60s. American's had little to no faith in their government, and the economy was steadily falling, and the US was not longer at the top of the world power chain.

A basic breakdown of how Reagan wanted to fix the government:

1. He wanted wide spread tax cuts, using the Trickle Down method (see image below)

2. He wanted to decrease social spending and increase military spending.

3. He wanted to deregulate, take away set laws or regulations, on domestic markets.

Reaganomics in a nut shell

Social Issues of Reagan Era

The Middle Class made a serious appearance in the election. They were considered the silent majority because out of nowhere, they were tired of their government and decided to put an end to it. Thus putting Reagan in office.

There were also many social issues that hit majority of Americans at home including:

1. Aids: This was no longer the "gay mans disease" and Americans were realizing that they could gain this disease from even the person they are married to.

2. Drug Abuse was a major issue in America, people thought that it was simply okay. This opened a door to "say no campaigns" which still exist today.

3. Additionally, free sex, drugs, etc began to open doors for Americans to make careless decisions. One issue that arrises from this is the debate on abortion, which is still argued to this day.

Conservationists were the Christians of the Reagan Era. They believed that these social issues was Mother Nature's way of punishing American's for the actions they took and the decisions they made in the 60s.

Economic Issues of the Reagan Era

Out of the social issues, comes the government. But that's not unusual.

The largest argument between the people and government is abortion laws.

Conservationists believed that abortion was a religious issue and that government was overstepping their boundaries.

Reagan said this, but made abortion laws anyways.

On top of this, the ERA failed. People thought that if women already had their rights given to them through civil rights and the constitution, why add amendments to restate their rights?

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