Oklahoma! E.C. Glass Theatre, April 21-24 2021

Getting to Know….



Music by


Book and Lyrics by


Based on the Play “Green Grow the Lilacs” by Lynn Riggs

Original Dances by Agnes De Mille

Adaptation by


Orchestrations by Robert Russell Bennet

Director: Allison Daugherty

Music Director: Patricia Finn-Rapiejko

Choreographer: Ronnie Brady

Tech Director: Erin Foreman

Director’s Note

Welcome back to Glass Theatre!

After a year of lock down and screen to screen contact, learning to shoot plays in single video shots to stream, singing in masks and adjusting dance and blocking to each new mandate, this cast couldn’t be more excited to perform for you; our real live audience! This is a breakthrough event.

“Oklahoma!” by Rodgers and Hammerstein is an American Classic that initially shook the musical world. Who starts a musical with one character on stage singing about land? Optimists, that’s who. This show is about fighting for territory, love and a new way to live; things this country is still fighting for and this cast and crew has grown to understand. When I learned that Rodgers and Hammerstein offered a one hour version, we knew this was the perfect time.

We are thrilled that you, our community and supporters have returned to these velvet red seats. While this Glass Theatre Season is far from over, we look forward to inviting the public back in September for our fully packed 40th anniversary season. We have many delights in store. For now, sit back and enjoy this version of an American classic: Getting to Know...Oklahoma!

Allison Daugherty


Aunt Eller - Meredith Landry (April 21, April 22, April 24 2pm)

Senior and Glass Theatre Club president. Meredith plans to major in theatre arts in college. Glass Theatre Credits: Our Town (Mrs. Gibbs), The Heart of Robin Hood (Friar), Shakespeare’s Bachelorette (Caesar), and Elephant’s Graveyard (The Marshall). Outside of theatre, Meredith enjoys playing the trombone, thrift shopping, and speaking in a British accent at inappropriate times. Meredith thanks her family for their unwavering support.

Aunt Eller - Jordan Bryant (April 23, April 24 7pm)

Senior. Glass Theatre Credits: Miss Dynamite in Hairspray, cast as Abuela Claudia in In The Heights. Other roles include The Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon. Jordan has been section leader in Acapellas and a finalist for VHSL Choral competitions.

Curly - Noah DeCarmo

Sophomore. Glass Theatre Credits: Si Crowell and Sam Craig in Our Town, Pierre in The Heart of Robin Hood, Puck in Shakespeare’s Bachelorette. Next up: Edmund in The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe for Renaissance Theatre. Noah enjoys playing the bass guitar and hanging out with friends.

Laurey Williams - Ella Grant (April 21, April 23 7pm, April 24 7pm)

Junior and the Class Rep for the Glass Theatre Club. Glass Theatre credits: Vixen in Dracula, Meg in Leading Ladies, Corny Collins Dancer in Hairspray, Townswoman in The Heart of Robin Hood, and Witch #3/Ariel in Shakespeare’s Bachelorette. Ella enjoys performing, playing guitar/bass, exploring fashion, and playing with her dog.

Laurey Williams - Lauren Naples (April 22, April 23 5pm, April 24 2pm)

Senior and the social media officer for Glass Theatre Club. Glass Theatre Credits: Louanne and Dance Captain in Hairspray, Performer and dance captain in So We Danced, Ballet Girl in Elephant’s Graveyard. Lauren will attend JMU next year to major in visual arts.

Will Parker - Wyatt Moore

Sophomore, Class representative for Glass Theatre Club. Glass Theatre Credits: Much Miller, The Heart Of Robin Hood, The Trainer in Elephants Graveyard, (VTA outstanding actor award) Wally Webb, Our Town and cast as Usnavi in In The Heights. Wyatt was awarded Outstanding Performance for 2021 VHSL. He likes to cook, bake, and spend time with friends and family.

Ado Annie - Isabel Ownby

Senior and Class Representative for Glass Theatre Club. .After graduation, she will attend Brigham Young University. Glass Theatre Credits: Polonius in One Act Hamlet, Audrey in Leading Ladies, Emily Webb in Our Town, Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare’s Bachelorette and Ensemble/Bad Auditioner in Copacabana. Isabel is a proud member of the E.C. Glass Chamber Singers, All-District Choir, All-State Virginia Choir, and Virginia Honors Choir. Isabel is also a pianist and currently playing with the Lynchburg Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Farmer Carnes/Assistant Tech Director - Bobby Vinson

Senior. Marketing Manager for Glass Theatre Club. Glass Theatre Credits: Pirate/dance captain, Copcabana, The Doctor Night, Butch in Leading Ladies, Cast as Link in Hairspray, The engineer, Elephants Graveyard, George in Our Town. Additional interests: playwriting, directing, and music. Bobby will attend University of Lynchburg and major in theatre.

Ali Hakim, the Peddler - William Jarrett

Junior. Favorite Glass Credits: Duncan in Leading ladies, Mr. Spritzer in Hairspray, ensemble The Heart of Robin Hood. Several shows at Dunbar Middle School and the Academy Center of the Arts. William plays the violin, draws, and is stealthy like a stealth bomber as well.

Jud Fry - Tobias Hutchison

Junior. Glass Theatre Credits: Doc in Leading Ladies, Professor Willard in Our Town, Prince John in The Heart of Robin Hood, Oberon in Shakespeare’s Bachelorette. Assistant stage manager, In The Heights. Additional interests: learning card magic, going to the park, and finding new dad jokes to tell; such as “Why’d the bike fall over?” (It was two tired)

Gertie Cummings - Kayla Stanley

Sophomore. Glass Theatre Credits: Mrs.Soames in Our Town, ensemble in The Heart of Robin Hood, Portia, Miranda, and Titania in Shakespeare’s Bachelorette. Kayla enjoys performing, reading, and spending time outside.

June - Lavaughan Anderson

Sophomore. Glass Theatre Credits: Lady in the Box and Jude in Our Town, The Nun in The Heart of Robin Hood, and was cast as featured dancer in In The Heights. Lavaughan plays the violin and tennis.

Kate - Lilly Wood

Freshman. Glass Theatre debut! Previous favorite roles include Grace in Annie Jr. , Edith Frank in The Diary of Anne Frank, and Anna in Frozen Jr. Lilly enjoys playing guitar, playing with her dogs, and baking.

Virginia - Gillian Ceballos-Kirby

Junior. EC Glass Credits: Mom in Hairspray, Ensemble/Camila Understudy In the Heights, and Macbeth Witch in Shakespeare’s Bachelorette. Artistic projection designer for Oklahoma! at the Academy Center of the Arts. Other roles include; the China Princess in The Wizard of Oz, Leaf #11, a lioness in Lion King, and a water jug in Jungle Book. Interests: Digital Illustration and archery.

Ellen - Helen Sommardahl

Senior. Vice President of Glass Theatre Club. Previous Glass Theatre Roles: Veronica Lake in Copacabana, ensemble in Hairspray, Muddy Townswoman in Elephant’s Graveyard, ensemble in The Heart of Robin Hood, and Kate in Shakespeare’s Bachelorette. Helen will be attending Virginia Tech in the fall.

Ensemble/Gertie Understudy - Elizabeth Plucker

Freshman. Glass Theatre Debut! Other credits include Grandma Tala in Moana Jr, Lily in Annie Jr, and Margot in The Diary of Anne Frank. Elizabeth enjoys writing and journaling in her free time.

Ike Skidmore/Dance Captain

Sophomore. Glass Theater Credits: Simon Stimston in Our Town, The Bishop in The Heart of Robin Hood, dance captain and cast as Graffiti Pete in In the Heights. Elijah plays the Cello.

Mike/Curly Understudy - Morgan Cook

Freshman. Glass Theatre Debut. Other credits include Otto Frank in The Diary of Anne Frank, Hans in Frozen Jr, and Rooster in Annie Jr. He enjoys learning new instruments, computer programming, and is currently participating in All-Virginia Chorus.

Fred/Carnes and Peddler Understudy - Hunter Becerra

Freshman. Freshman class rep for Glass Theatre Club. Glass Theatre debut! Some favorite roles: Drake in Honk! and Horton in Seussical. He plays the Alto Sax, piano and sings.

Slim - Miriam Cate

Freshman. Glass Theatre debut! Past favorite roles include Lucille in Once Upon A Mattress, Dot in HONK!, The Sour Kangaroo, Seussical. Extraordinary skills: Evil laugh, plays the cello and piano.

Cordy - Addi Sutton

Freshman. Glass Theatre Credits: Rude Mechanical in Shakespeare’s Bachelorette. Past favorite roles: Narrator in Cinderella, Tessie in Annie. Addi plays the guitar and interestingly - sings with her mouth closed.

Young Laurey/Ensemble - Madelyn Durie

Freshman. Glass Theatre debut! She enjoys playing the ukulele and enjoys drawing, dance and animating.

Ensemble - Jada Anderson

Senior. Glass theatre and stage debut! Jada is an active writer in Glass Theatre Playwrighting, writes poetry, is learning to play the guitar and likes creating things.


Assistant Technical Director

Bobby Vinson

Stage Management Team

Dai’Dieon Colmore

Hannah Lass

Head Costumer

Emily Staton

Costume Team

Elizabeth Plucker

Helen Sommardahl

Lilly Wood

Lighting Design

Jess Williams

Sound Design

Toby Bradner

Geep Howell, HH Audio

Projections (ACOA)

Aiden McDaniel

Gillian Ceballos-Kirby

Set Construction

Bobby Vinson

Hannah Lass

Elizabeth Lass

Bradley Spitzer

Dai’Dieon Colmore

William Jarrett

Wyatt Moore

Elijah Smith


Elizabeth Lass

Bradley Spitzer


Bobby Vinson

Lauren Naples

ASL Interpreters for Friday Performances

Amber Dempsey

Ruth Bryant

Tech Crew

Bobby Vinson [Assistant Technical Director]

Senior. Marketing Manager for Glass Theatre Club. Glass Theatre Credits: Pirate/dance captain, Copcabana, The Doctor Night, Butch in Leading Ladies, Cast as Link in Hairspray, The engineer, Elephants Graveyard, George in Our Town. Additional interests: playwriting, directing, and music. Bobby will attend University of Lynchburg and major in theatre.

Dai’Dieon Colmore [Stage Manager, Construction Crew]

Sophomore. Glass Theatre Club: Liaison to the Technical Director. Glass Theatre credits: Production Stage Manager for Our Town, pThe Boar in The Heart of Robin Hood. Dai Dai loves theatre, exercising, and reading. He is the founder of Lynchburg Students Rise.

Hannah Lass [Stage Manager, Construction Crew]

Junior. Glass Theatre credits: Assistant costumer Leading Ladies,set construction and spotlight operator Hairspray , lighting assistant Our Town, Assistant Stage Manager The Heart of Robin Hood, Stage Manager Shakespeare’s Bachelorette. Hannah enjoys going on walks, painting and doing makeup.

Elizabeth Lass [Fly Rail Chief, Construction Crew]

Junior. Glass Theatre Credits: ensemble and set construction for Hairspray, run crew for Our Town, and set construction and the lead Flyrail operator for The Heart of Robin Hood. They enjoy drinking energy drinks, going for walks with their twin, and being with friends.

Toby Bradner [Sound Operator]

Freshman. Glass Theatre Debut! In addition to mixing sound, Toby is an actor and a musician. He has released albums, likes sonics of all ranges and enjoys playing instruments, especially piano, guitar, and ukulele .

Jessica Williams [Lighting Designer]

]Senior: Senior Class Representative. Glass Theatre Credits: Master Electrician for Hairspray. Projections designer for Our Town. Lighting Designer for The Heart of Robin Hood. Lighting Designer for Elephant’s Graveyard. Jessica works in tech theatre for Wolfbane Theatre company and enjoys knitting, podcasts, reading and ARGs. She will be attending college and majoring in technical theatre.

Emily Staton [Head Costumer, Fly Rail]

Sophomore, Glass Theatre Credits: So We Danced ensemble, Run crew in Our Town, set construction in The Heart of Robin Hood. Her hobbies are mountain biking, running a mask business, and playing baritone saxophone

Aiden Mcdaniel [Projections (ACOA)]

Junior. Glass theatre credits: Designed and rendered projections for Our Town and for Oklahoma! at the Academy Center of the Arts. Aiden wants to be a filmmaker.

Bradley Spitzer [Fly Rail, Construction Crew]

Freshman. Glass Theatre Credits: running crew, The Heart Of Robinhood, Set construction, fly rail and rigging for Oklahoma.


"Beautiful show! The chemistry between the actors was fantastic!"

"From the first note sung, I was blown away...these kids are something special!"

"You know when the audience is on their feet clapping and singing at the end that you've got a fabulous show!"

Special Thanks To

ECG Arts administrator Jason Giambrone

Patti Finn-Rapiejko for her extraordinary costuming skills, generosity and supervision

Geep Howell for his loyal technical support

Liberty Christian Academy Theatre Program

Thomas Road Baptist Church Costume Collection

Academy Center of The Arts

Jen Staton

Steve Rapiejko

Glass Theatre Parent Leadership and Volunteers