Tempered Zombie glass Apocalyptic Device Protection

Say Goodbye to Broken Phones!

When you purchase a Red Zombie product, not only are you getting the best screen protection for your device, but you are also supporting a Small Family Business! We have spent years developing the cure for broken phones. We work tirelessly every day to provide you with the best service and product possible. You get a product that competes with the big boys while being cared for at a personal level. Be a part of the Red Zombie family, and forever say goodbye to broken phones.

Laser Cut to exact Dimensions

Made for every day use and abuse


Where ever life takes you, Red Zombie will take care of your device. Zombie Glass will help keep your device crystal clear and scratch free so that you may capture all of life's finest moments.

Still not sure?

When you buy a Red Zombie screen protector, you're buying undying protection! If your tempered glass ever cracks, breaks, or shatters, we’ll replace it for free! Just pay shipping.
Stop worrying about your keys or other objects scratching your phone! Our screen protectors are made of the highest quality tempered glass and it will help conceal existing small scratches.
Red Zombie Tempered Glass offers the ultimate in impact resistance technology! Our chemically treated glass exceeds the hardness of steel.. so even if you don't survive an Apocalypse, your device will..
Red Zombie tempered glass has an unique oleophobic coating that resists fingerprints and facial oils.. Say Hello to a beautiful smooth, new drag-less feel.
Red Zombie tempered glass has unparalleled touch sensitivity and responsiveness. Swiping up.. down.. left.. right.. never felt so good!
With Red Zombies Premium Tempered Glass, you're getting crystal clear resolution. Our unique coating virtually eliminates all those pesky fingerprints and smudges! Go Red Zombie and you'll never go back!
We use our devices everyday for Business, School, Travel and Fun.. Red Zombie's Tempered Glass will help you protect the investment you made and help you sleep better at night.

Impact and Stress video


"I snowboard a lot and last week I was in some back country and found a small cliff I wasn't expecting. Long story short I broke my board but my Pixel 2 XL screen was safe and sound thanks to Red Zombie!" -- Braiden H.
"Best protective glass in the industry. I've put this glass on 7 different phones and have not had a single broken screen." -- Dave T.
"I just recently got the black 3D screen protector, and it looks so clean. It covers up the white face cover perfectly. It's not just great for the looks, but keeps your screen in perfect condition. I highly recommend this product specially since it comes with a lifetime warranty!"-- Beau L.
"I recommend getting the 3D edge to edge protection for your smartphone. It looks and feels so much better than just a Standard glass. By far the best screen protector I’ve found for my phone!" -- John T.

Say no to cracks, keep your devices looking brand spanking new!

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