Genetic Engineering

What is Genetic Engineering?

Have you ever wondered how genetic engineering works? if so you have come to the right page. Genetic engineering is the process of adding and subtracting DNA to try to give cells new traits or take traits away. This is also known as modifying them. Some examples are: say you put pesticides on a field but you want your crops to survive. Before you plant them scientists would engineer or modify the cell so that they will be able to resist the pesticides.

Ways this might effect us


Genetic engineering can help us fight diseases and viruses. Genetic engineering can also help make baby's with defects better.


modifying cells can throw off the ecological by accidentally creating a stronger species. Example: say if scientists take bacterial cells and engineer it but they mess up. They accidentally make it stronger then that bacteria gets lose and infects people. Then we would have a big problem.

What do we think?

We strongly feel that genetic engineering is good. genetic engineering is good because we can survive more diseases . You some times see people with no fingers or a down syndrome with genetic engineering scientists can fix those defaults. that is why we think genetic engineering is good. engneering shtml


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