Jamaica by nicki lawhead

There is a lot to do in Jamaica here are some of the actives

Here is a global map of Jamaica

Black-hardships overcome and to be faced. Gold-natural WEALTHY h and beauty of sunlight. Green-hope and agricultural resources

A fun thing to do while in Jamaica is go to the bob Marley museum
This is fern gully. You can drive through it but you can also go hiking through out the woods it is national forest. It gets its name because of the wide variety of ferns .

This is DOLPHIN cove

You can go swiming with them

They also have sharks and stingrays

This is bamboo bulu a restaurant that is quite popular in Jamaica. One of the reasons it is popular is because of its beach front view. And the food is reasonably priced.
There are no direct flights to Jamaica from Ohio but there are in Florida. A all around trip will cost you about $400 on American Airlines from Miami. A drive to Miami is 17 hours and 10 minutes. A flight to Miami cost $337 on American Airlines and takes 2 hours and 47 minutes.
This this the Spanish court hotel it is a Spanish Colonial–style hotel with modern rooms & a day spa, plus a rooftop bistro & infinity pool also has free breakfast . It is $149 a day to stay here a night.


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