Captain Phillips Brooke devoe

The MV Maersk Alabama, the ship hijacked by pirates during the Captain Phillips incident, has had four additional unsuccessful hijacking attempts.
The famous quote "I'm the captain now" was not in the script. Muse, the pirate leader, improved the quote. The first scene in which the pirates and Tom Hanks came face to face was the first time the two met. The director wanted this to happen in order to capture the realistic encounter they had, which was very effective, creating the sense of fear Tom Hanks experienced to the audience.
All four Somali pirates had never been in a movie before. Even so, they were all taxi cab drivers in Minnesota. Also, all four of the pirates were best friends before the movie. Barkhad, also known as Muse, was born in Somali. With this being said, the social and political issues shown in the movie were similar to the obstacles Muse experienced in his childhood.
Despite what's shown in the movie, the pirates did take the $30,000 from the safe. When the Navy killed them all and rescued Phillips, the money was nowhere to be found and is still missing to this day.
The same Seal Team that killed Osama Bin Laden killed the Somali pirates who captured Richard Phillips.
The nurse portrayed in the film is a nurse who operates on US Navy ships. Albert (the nurse) stated that the scene felt so realistic, she had to take a minute and get herself together because it was similar to what she experiences in real life.
Phillips, Richard. A Captain's Duty: Somali Pirates, Navy Seals and Dangerous Days at Sea. London: Bantam, 2013. Print.

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