The Day Of The Water Cycle By destIny hunter

Hi my names Bella and I live with my brother and mother. We lost my dad to a tornado he was swept up and never seen again.

I was minding my own buissness one day and suddenly I was floating in mid-air, my mom said she would be with me the whole time, and I'll be okay. She told me I was evaporating. It felt like it was hours but I was finally in the clouds I was there for about a week before I started falling.

I fell and fell until I was in this weird place. There was these things called bugs down there, there were huge ones, small ones and ones so long, and short, anything you can think of. It really showed that everything is different.

"Mom where are we?!" Bella asked politely.

"We are on the soil surface." Mom replied.

"This is our new home, Bella!" mother exclaimed.

"Okay, this is cool." Bella said.

We sunk and sunk, one day we stopped and we started rising we were rising for about 400 years because we sunk so much. Turns out we were evaporating again, I was so happy to get out of that place because 400 years can do a number on a little droplet like me.

"Mom, why are we in the clouds again?"

"Evaporation honey, but what goes up must always come down" mother replied.

We started clumping together, my brother said it was condensation. When another water droplet tried to come in our group we would just throw them out because we didn't know them. My mom said it's all part of the cycle. Sooner or later we started falling it's called precipitation.

We landed in the ocean, where then I lost my family and was gozzled up by at least 10000 fish, I was going through so many bodies. I came out different everytime. But this one time, I went through a whale and I saw a little bit too graphic things for this to be in a kids book, so no picture

That was the story of the time I lost my family and got gobbled up by fish and lived in the ground . It was very hard for me to tell his story but it felt good. "Wait WHAT IS THIS noooooo I'm being evaporated againnn."

THE END (don't play in the oceans kids).


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