Nellie McClung biography

Nellie McClung was a hero, because she changed female’s world.

We did not know anything about this amazing woman before we started working on this project about famous and important people.

Nellie Mooney was born in Chatsworth, Ontario, in 1873.

Nellie Mooney.

Chatsworth is a township in Grey Country, Ontario.

This city is home to an immense amount of natural beauty with many rivers, streams, scenic waterfalls and forests.

Chatsworth has all the amenities you may need like grocery stores, banks and post offices, two hospitals and a lot of cafes and shops located throughout the town.

A waterfall.

In 1896 she married Robert Wesley McClung, a druggist .

In 1908 she became a best selling author, with her first book ‘SOWING SEEDS IN DANNY’.

Nellie with other people joined The Political Equality League (P.E.L).

This association was found in 1912 by women and men, some of them were associated with the Suffrage Movement. In P.E.L. Nellie focused on improving women’s working conditions, too.

Some members of the P.E.L.

Although Manitoba’s Conservative premier, Roblin Rodmond, opposed Nellie’s proposal, she refused to back down.

Roblin Rodmond.

The P.E.L. staged a mock parliament: this satiric event was a success; because the following year, Roblin granted Manibota’s women the right to vote.

Over the next nine years, the government extended the right to vote in Canada, too.

Nellie McClung.

In 1928 the Costitution Act said that women could not be considered as “persons” for their sex: in facts, the law said that only men could be considered “people”.

"Women are persons."

“The famous Five” was composed by:

  • Nellie,
  • Emily Murphy,
  • Irene Parlby,
  • Henrietta Edwards,
  • Louise McKinney.

These five people were the first women went to the Supreme Court of Canada: they won their battle.

Louise McKinney.

Nellie McClung died in 1951 at the age of 77 in Victoria, Canada.

Nellie McClung memorial.

Now everyone in Canada calls Nellie McClung “Our Nell”: they love her charm and courage.

Victoria, Canada

Victoria is the capital city of the Canadian province of British Columbia.

In Victoria, heritage architecture, colourful gardens and traditions like afternoon tea are mixed with outdoor adventure and culinary experience.


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