Professor Interview

Coffee Hours with my Professor

Interview Notes

The overall feel of the interview was one of mutual respect. While my professor and I have different views, he has learned in his years, as I've learned in mine, that politics is a touchy subject and must be treated with care. We are both intelligent individuals so we approach each topic intellectually and grasp concepts that we both could've possibly missed. He comes from a different generation, so he doesn't quite understand things like I understand them. As for my generation, we don't quite understand things that he's experienced in his lifetime. So my questions are about recent and current events in politics. The first question: what do you think about Donald Trump's presidency? His response was something along the lines of, "I believe that America has quite possibly made a mistake and that you can't always win your elections. I identify as a Democrat and I feel like I took a loss here, but you can't win them all. I feel like the next few years for American politics will be unstable, but we will get through them. " After hearing his response, I knew that he was speaking from a completely intellectual basis, and offered my thoughts on it. I said something along the lines of "I believe that Donald Trump is a dangerous person because he's unpredictable." The next question would be of a different nature, but along the same lines: How do you feel about Brexit ? He said something along the lines of "That it could lead to the collapse of the entire European union." I replied that I understood it. The talk went on like this for about an hour with questions shot back-and-forth about politics answered and explained from different perspectives, and we both had found that mutual respect and understanding for each other. This conversation was very deep and highly intellectual. We covered rounds of things from the security dilemma to life itself. I'm so glad I had this talk with my professor. I chose him simply because he's one of my favorite teachers dealing with my favorite subject.

Final Thoughts

One of the coolest exhibits, meeting with my professor was a fun way for me to get to know my professor and further explore political science. Coffee hours at Starbucks with both delicious and intellectually stimulated. I learned so much from my professor and his wise knowledge after years of experience he has with political science. Since this is one job I see myself participating in in the future I definitely want to learn as much as possible about this career field. I believe the world is in disarray at this moment, but after coffee algebra teacher I feel that I can actually make a difference in the world. Maybe I, Trevor owens ,can actually change the world. This is a huge deal for me and I hope that I can actually achieve this. I loved my professor interview.


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