Conservation Is Awesomeation

Conservation is Literally how we keep lands not only to hunt, but also for normal people. We need trees and grasses just as much as the animals do. Conservation has drastically changed the populations of game species, through the controlling of tags and public to private lands, and even the controlling of dates in which we can hunt.
According to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (REMF), in 1907 there was only 41,000 Elk in North America, and in 1900 there was estimated to be only 500,000 in the us now it is estimated to be close to 15,000,000!! This huge increase was only able to happen by outdoors people coming together, and deciding to conserve these animals.
Now Conservation is just for animals like Deer and Elk, but for animals from squirrels to buffalo to tuna, so every animal is effected by effective conservation. Conservation is also not harvesting these animals, but taking care of the land they roam, and when you do such things you get views like all of these back drops shown in this presentation.

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