Lush And The Body Shop Which IS Better?

Lush has many different products. It has make up, perfume, body creams, lotions, hair, face, shower, bath, spa treatments, etc. Lush is also a store that is international and online.

The Body Shop has a multitude of products as well. It has make up, skin care, bath, body, and fragrance items. The Body Shop is a store that is international and online

Shampoo at Lush: I Love Juicy - $9.95

Shampoo at The Body Shop: Ginger Scalp Care - $5

Lush Promotion: Lush has sales and coupons so that more customers come. Also Lush has Instagram and other social media accounts to show people about their products.

The Body Shop Promotion: The Body Shop offers many sales and coupons for their customers. They also use bundle packaging. The Body Shop also has Instagram and other social media accounts just like Lush to promote their products.

  • Lush Strengths - They offer spa treatment and are very popular on social media. They also have high quality products.
  • Lush Weaknesses - They are more pricey than other brands like the Body Shop.
  • The Body Shop Strengths - They have good prices that are lower than other stores. They have good quality products as well.
  • The Body Shop Weaknesses - They do not have much of a social media┬ápresence.
  • Lush Opportunities - Lush could try to make the prices for their products lower.
  • Lush Threats - The availability of cheaper products in other stores is a threat.
  • The Body Shop Opportunities - They could try having more of a social media presence.
  • The Body Shop Threats - Other stores are more well known and economic downturn can hamper sales.

Recommendation - Lush is a better store than the Body Shop because they have more of a social media presence and they also have a spa treatment available.

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