Why inhouse?

It's tempting to take creative responsibilities off your shoulders and hand it over to an agency, but here's why we decided to build an internal team instead.

1. We move fast.

We like action! If our activation marketing team – which happens to sit right next to my creative team – needs a landing page, we can get it created and in the pipe tomorrow. Changes and edits happen in minutes, not days, with no outside middleman or project manager required. We just don't have time to mull over briefs or set up a big strategy meeting in order to create a microsite or landing page.

2. We're lean.

Everything we do is attached to revenue. Having an in-house team lets us prioritise creative projects on the fly and adjust based on weekly, even daily, performance. With an external agency, every new project or last-minute changes could mean more billable hours, which can impact our bottom line. I just don't have the time to be worrying about this.

We just don't have time to mull over briefs or set up a big strategy meeting

3. We live on data.

By staying in-house, we can keep tabs on all our website data. As head of the creative department, I work closely with various teams to slice and dice Google Analytics reports, find out what's working and what's not, and also test and refine the website to get more customer sign-ups. Having an inside resource like a team dedicated to data within arm's reach has been vital.

4. We have lots of moving parts.

We've got lots of different folks under one roof: engineering, product development, marketing, creative, customer support, sales, finance and more. And they're all working on different aspects of our business and products. Knowing that everyone understands how all the pieces fit together and can interact with each other directly on a day-to-day basis is really valuable.

For example, our customer service team found out that a lot of customers were confused by our online container booking platform and it was a pain point for them. The team brought it up directly to us. within a week we had a live "learn-how-to-book-a-container site" ready. And saw an immediately reduction in calls and emails to our front line by 35%. But we also saw that not all pages on the new site were preforming equaly good who tweaked the way our pricing page was laid out on our website. Test and learn.

I guess it’s difficult to see yourself from the outside in

5. We think like our customers.

I'm not saying that creative agencies aren't needed. And I should point out that we do use agencies for certain things like search engine optimization and display marketing. And film directors, copywriters, and other freelance specialists simply because we need to get that outside in view of ourselves sometimes. I guess it’s difficult to see yourself from the outside in. But for us an in-house team makes more business sense.

Kasper Sierslev

Head of Creative at Saxo

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