Good Life Performance Lindsey Dempsey

Spatial Experience: As I entered the Constans Theater, I was excited but a little nervous, because I did not know what to expect. Immediately upon walking in, I was taken aback by how well the stage had been designed. The usher led my three friends and I to the Left side of the audience in the middle row. This certain location had no effect on my viewing of this play, although I was in the seat the most to the left, because of the way the stage was set up. The only thing that effected my viewing were the people sitting in front of me because they were using their cell phones during the production. As I turned off my phone, the lights began to dim and the audience began to silence, making me anxious for the play to start. As the play began I quickly was no longer stuck in my own thoughts, instead I was completely focused on the production. I feel as if the size of the auditorium added to my excitement of the play, because it felt as if I were seeing a play on Broadway rather than a play on a college campus. Because the audience and stage was so large, it made me feel miniscule. Place has an effect in Good Life because no matter where one is in life, their location always has an effect on some aspects of their life.

Social Experiment: I went to see the play with my three friends, Louise, Lindsay and Dinah. Before the play we all met up at my apartment, and then we rode our scooters to the Reitz. This turned out to be a very fun experience because it started raining and the wind was very strong on the way. While walking to the theater we laughed about how the wind made us feel as if we were about to fall off our scooters. We all walked into the theater together and laughed and told stories before the play began. Having my friends by my side made the experience much more enjoyable. If I had not had my friends with me I would have felt awkward and insecure asking a stranger to take my picture. After the play, we expressed our opinions on the production, which was interesting to hear every ones different perspective. The role shared experiences has in the Good Life is that it makes life much more special to be able to share fun times with people you are close with than to experience it alone.

Cultural and Intellectual Experience: This play takes place in Canada in the 1900's. It discussed the issues of child labor, impoverished people, death, child molestation, and other problems. I am very familiar with the struggle of child labor and the lack of factory health codes from taking History classes throughout college and high school. I am not very familiar with child molestation because no one finds it appropriate to talk about. It was very interesting and intense to hear the characters in the play talk about it especially Talbot when he talks about it from a first person point of view. The fact that the priest wanted him to suppress it and keep it hidden is absolutely absurd to me. After viewing the play I began to realize the harsh realization of just how brutal child labor can be. It made me realize how many people must have died from child labor and from the violations of the factory. It also made me realize just how sad the lives of people living in poverty is. It also dawned on me how hard it would be to admit that you had been molested. I have obviously heard about it, but I have never thought how hard it would be to be open and talk about to other people.

Emotional Experience: Before seeing this play, I had no idea what issues would be laid out on the table. When the production began to address deep and uncomfortable topics I was taken aback. In the beginning of the play I was under the impression that this was going to be a light hearted play about Talbot and his journey to becoming a priest. This play allows the main character to come clean about the truth of why he left the last institution. As he came clean, I realized that by seeing his journey coming clean I also felt as if I had experienced "katharsis." I felt involved in his life and his problems from being so wrapped up in the play, so when he came clean, I felt a rush of relief. I felt as if I could breath again. This play made me ponder what aspects in my own life I could potentially come clean about, and feel that same relief.

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