Stock Market Project By victoire redele

My initial research in the stock market: The difference between a share and a stock is that when you have a share that means that you have a part of the society, but when you have a stock, that means that you have more than one share in a society. The dividend of a society is the money that they give to the shareholders of theirs companies. A ticker symbol is a “shortcut” used to uniquely identify publicly traded shares of a stock. A mutual fund is a collection of investments(like stocks), directed by a professional. One of the most important parts of the economy are the demand and the supply. A demand is how much (in quantity) products are desired by a buyer, a supply is how much the market can offer to a buyer. It affects the stock market because if demand of a stock increases, then he prices increases too. But if the demand decreases, then the price generally decreases too. One of the pros of investing in a stock market is that if the price of stock goes up, then you will win more money. One of the cons is that if the price of the stock goes down, then you will lose a lot of money.

The Stocks I invested at first, I invested in were Facebook because for me Facebook (FB) because this is my favorite social media, and if someone invested on it, they can win a lot of money than they already have. For me, it’s a truthful company that I want to invest in because it will be very interesting to follow the "economy" of Facebook during this Project. The second company that I invested in was American Express because for me American Express (AXP) because it’s a very good bank, my parents use this bank for their money, and if I invest in it, they can have more power so more money. It’s a really good bank, it’s a confident bank to put money in. It will be very interesting to see if I'm going to win or lost money if I invest in a very popular American Bank! Finally, the third company that I invested in was Nike because for me Nike (NKE) because it’s one of my favorite shop, they have a lot of shops in the entire world, and if I invested in it, it can be better, so they can win more money. Nike is a very good company and if I help them, they can create more products so they will more money. Also, it will be very interesting to see if the price changes during a long period of time.

My reflection half way trough is: For the moment, the best companies in order in my my portfolio are American Express, Facebook, Disney and Hermes, however the worst companies are Tesla and Amazon. In the beginning of the project, I started the project with four companies which are Nike, Disney, American Express and Facebook. The first change that I made was to sell Nike, and to buy Tesla and Twitter. I sold Nike because it was doing very badly in my portfolio, it was always falling. I bought Tesla and Twitter because for me, it was really good society to invest in, and that I really like, and also because they was a story around Twitter that someone will bought it so it will be very interesting to invest in! The second time that I made a change was when I bought Hermes because my mother worked for the society, it’s very important for me, and I wanted to know how Hermes is doing. After, I made another change by buying Amazon because it seems for me to be a very good society to invest in, and some friends had it and it was doing really well. It was an error to buy Amazon because it was finally doing badly in my portfolio so I decided to sell one share of it. The most recent, and the last change that I made was when I decided to sell Twitter. It was the worst investment that I made, it was doing very badly, the return were always around -25%, so I decided to sell it after approximately one week. Now, my portfolio is doing well, for the moment I’m not going to invest in a new society, my return are good, and because I sold all the worst markets, I’m now going up in the ranking, I have good returns so it’s very good for me.

My final reflection on how it went: During this project my best companies in order in my portfolio are American Express, Disney and Hermes, however the worst companies that I had during this project were Tesla, Amazon and Facebook. Different events happens this month, so I think more people put money in a bank, in this case American Express, other bought new clothes, and also maybe more people are going to Disney so they sell more place compared when I bought it. I know a lot of things know because of this project. First, it’s important to choose good companies, that we know they are going to give us a percentage. Also, I will buy the companies at a good time, because sometimes I bought companies at bad time, so they were always doing very bad in my portfolio. I would invest again in American Express, Disney and Hermes for personal reasons, but I would invest in other different companies that I didn't invest in this project, to see different results. I would invest in different stocks such as a food chain, or maybe another car brand.I learned that we don’t always win money when we invest, and we have to chose the good time, and good companies to invest in and not invest in companies that you like because you like it such as social medias, or clothes. I also learn that it’s important to be careful with our money, and not invest a lot in one society because you can lose a lot of money and not win, and it’s not very good to lose money when you invest in a society that you were thinking it was a good one. It was a very good experience, it was very interesting to see how my stocks were doing during the different events that happens this month. I really like this project, it was very helpful for my future.


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