Pre and Post colonial Igbo Cultures Mark Arenas Period: 2

Igbo is the second largest ethnic group in Southern Nigeria. Niger is a place where you can find a lot of IBO cultures. It was tough for the Igbo because at some point of there life they were treat bad, like in the Colonia Nigeria the British was taking over the Igbo culture like there religion. British was changing the Igbo life. Women were supposed to have jobs outside of the house.
Igbo culture were mostly from the Southeastern of Nigeria. The Igbo culture is very know for there diverse because of culture and social skills.
Music, dancing, and singing was a big thing in the Igbo culture because it was connected with the social, cultural, religious, and political system. People that played instruments would basically have good attitude, speech, actions, and traditions. Most of the Igbo music was about there religion.
Ogene is the important instrument that the igbo uses because they use this instrument a lot. In the beginning in chapter 2 Okonkwo heard the Ogene of the town crier piercing the still night air. (chapter 2 pg 9)
Post Colonial Ibo culture

At this time the British had taken over the Ibo culture in 1914, they control everything about the Ibo culture. When the British took over it was called the Colonial Nigeria. Around the 1950 and the 1960 the Ibo culture got there independent back so they can be and do whatever they want without the British controlling them. Women started to get there rights back were they can work outside of the house like farming.

In Things Fall Apart Okonkwo is one of the big guys of the clan in the store. In the story they talk about the Ogene, Culture, and Religious

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