The Ark & The Covenant Audition information


October 13

12:30 pm check-in

1:00 - 2:30 pm ballet technique audition class (co-ed)

2:30 - 4:30 pm choreography auditions (ladies only)

October 14

4:45 - 6:00 pm partnering auditions (call-backs)*

*female dancers needed for this portion will be notified no later than 9:00 pm on the 13th


Ladies should wear a black leotard and pink tights for the audition. A skirt is optional but not required, preferably black. If you do not own a black leotard, you may wear your level color. No shorts or other warm-ups. Pointe II and III ladies should bring their pointe shoes.

Men should wear their regular class attire.


Upper School students (Tulips, Violets, Orchids, Cedars) who are interested in being considered for any role outside of class/large-group dances need to participate in this audition process.

Any dancer with an extenuating circumstance, such as an injury preventing participation or a school required conflict, should discuss their situation directly with Brittanie (email, phone, or in person). These situations will be considered on a case-by-case basis for casting purposes.

All dancers Sweet Peas and older will participate in The Ark & The Covenant as the 2019 end of the year production (no separate recital). For information about when each class performs, see Performance Details in the Current Families section of the doxadance.com website.


Boys new to Doxa, please don't worry or be intimidated! There are SEVERAL roles for boys of varying ages and experience levels in The Ark & The Covenant. I am so excited to work with the group of young men we have this year, and hope every one of them will be part of this production in some way.

Cedars are highly encouraged to participate in the technique class on Saturday and the partnering portion on Sunday, regardless of previous experience, primarily for the benefits gained from such a process. Regular Sunday Men's Classes will be observed as well that weekend as part of casting considerations.


Nope. It's free and just part of the casting process for our end of year performance. But please register ASAP in the Parent Portal! This helps us greatly in planning.


For female students, Saturday should be considered one event. Missing part or all of class or choreography will not allow observers to fully assess for casting purposes and will be reflected in casting results.

Sunday attendance is dependent on Saturday's audition. Not being asked to come on Sunday DOES NOT mean a dancer did not do a good job or will not receive a part. It only means that we need to see more of certain dancers for consideration in specific roles, particularly those that require some partnering. Some soloist roles require partnering, but several do not.

All Cedars are asked to stay following their class if at all possible.


We know that dancers have varying schedules, obligations, and other commitments that affect how they approach their involvement in Doxa. We try to accommodate different levels of involvement wherever possible, but it is imperative that we have as much notice as possible and have clear two-way communication about requirements and conflicts.

That said, here are the options for end-of-year performance participation:

1. "Story Ballet" Participation: this is the required level of commitment for all main characters and soloist roles. It involves being reasonably available and flexible for rehearsals outside of class time, consistent class and rehearsal attendance, and expecting numerous called rehearsals between early January and performances in April. A signed Commitment Agreement and completed Availability Calendar are required.

Please complete both items prior to the audition and bring the commitment agreement with you. We know it is very early in the year to know your full availability - just fill it out as completely as possible at this time, and then you will be able to edit it at that link through late-December when we will send out an anticipated rehearsal schedule.

2. "Recital" Participation: this is an option for any Upper School student who has significant conflicts preventing outside of class rehearsals, who cannot participate in the auditions, or who does not desire a soloist role. This requires consistent attendance in class because any roles this dancer has will be taught in class. All dress rehearsals for a dancer's cast roles/performances are still mandatory.

3. Non-Performing Enrollment: we very much prefer that all dancers participate in the production! However, if a student has a conflict with the performance weekend or some other factor preventing participation, it is fine to be enrolled in Doxa classes without performing. However, EARLY notice is imperative so that costumes and choreography plans are not made around a non-performing dancer. Non-performing students still learn choreography that is taught in class and can serve as understudies if other dancers are absent.

If you wish to be considered #3, please email doxadanceministry@gmail.com to let us know. We will assume all dancers are participating at least at a "recital" level of participation unless notified otherwise.


When filling out the availability calendar:

Checked/Green: By checking a time slot (which turns it green), you are saying it is a rehearsal time slot that you WOULD BE able to attend.

Yellow: If you could make it work, but it's not ideal (like you have a flexible conflict you'd have to move, but would be willing to do so if needed) you can click on it twice to change it to yellow instead of green.

Unmarked: Unmarked time slots will appear red on my end, indicating that you are not available for a rehearsal during that time.

Comments: Used for further explanation if needed - things like "I can never come on Tuesdays except during performance week" or "I work on Saturdays but can change my hours with a minimum of two weeks notice" are helpful for us to know and keep in mind even with the availability calendar filled out accordingly. Or, if there is an unknown in your schedule, like "I won't have my choir concert schedule until January" you can make a note of that in the comments as well.

Dress Rehearsals: April 22 - 24 are required for Upper School participants. These should be marked green! If you have a conflict with any one of these dates, please discuss it with me directly as early as possible, and know it may necessarily affect casting. April 13 is dress rehearsal day for the younger dancers, but some character roles may be required to attend as well.

Other Notable Dates: There will be no rehearsals Good Friday through Easter Sunday, April 19 - 21. Thursday morning, April 25 is an anticipated School Performance (an abridged version without all of the younger dancers). Performances are Thursday evening April 25, Friday evening April 26, Saturday afternoon and evening April 27, and Sunday afternoon and evening, April 28. Some roles may be shared across multiple casts; when casting decisions are shared, specific performance times for each dancer in each role will be included in the announcement.

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