The Gallic Wars, the most well known series of wars were fought during Caesars' ruling. Caesar made his fist appearance as a military leader at the start of these wars. They first began as an attempt to preserve stability in the Roman Empire, but they soon became wars over conquest. These battles were fought throughout 58-51 BC. These battles were led by Julius Caesar, a great leader who brought his army to victory multiple times. The various battles were fought between the Romans, the Gauls, the Celtics, and the Germanic tribes. Overall, the Romans were the most victorious army that fought in the Gallic wars.

major Battles fought during the Gallic wars:
  1. Battle of Bibracte (58 BC)
  2. Battle of Vosages (58 BC)
  3. Battle of Sabis River (57 BC)
  4. Battle of Gergovia (52 BC)
  5. Battle of Alesia (52 BC)
The Battle of Alesia; you can see where each of the armies "camps" were as they were fighting.
  • Casualties for the Gauls: Caesar documented that there was 1,000,000 Gauls killed, but modern historians estimate that there was around 400,000.
  • Casualties for the Romans: Around 30,000 killed, and about 10,000 wounded
Romans vs. The Gauls

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