Sign a service contract - starting April 2021 - and receive all the cover you need until then, for free.


What are we really saying? Sign up now, for a three-year deal and in return, we'll support you for free until April 2021 - when you can pay monthly.

Covers your VPF warranty immediately.

Provides you with access to the engineering support team, 7 days a week, 8am – 10pm.

Includes us connecting you to our NOC, for advanced remote monitoring of your equipment.

The only time you have to pay is if you really need us to come to your cinema, or if you need any parts.

Details of our new and reduced fees for April are outlined below

Too good to be true? No. We face uncertainty together and this is a proposal to support you when you need it most.

Introducing our new reduced-price pay-monthly service plans from April 2021:

Select one of the packages above, receive your free support until April 2021, when you can then pay monthly to reduce your outgoings and minimise cashflow.

You can contact me directly on 07825 642401 or via simon@omnex.co.uk - For the office its 0161 477 7633 / info@omnex.co.uk . Or for further information, please read on.

Like you, I’m only too aware that the cinema industry is enduring a prolonged period of hardship. At Omnex we genuinely want to help where we can, so I trust I have some welcome news about how we can assist you in a very material way.

In a nutshell? For a limited period, we’re delighted to be able to offer our support as a free-to-use service partner.

We recognise the importance of cashflow so we are proposing that you sign a service contract now, receive the piece of mind you need should anything go wrong, continue to maintain any warranties you had from the VPF - yet there's no need to start paying for the service plan you need until April 2021. The aim: we get through this together and help save you money where we can, now

To add to this, we've also reviewed and reduced all of our fees going forward; so that from April next year the service contracts are reduced in price and are on a pay-monthly plan.

Our pay-monthly plans remove the need for upfront payments on service contracts which combined with the offer, we hope represents a real financial benefit – both in savings and your cashflow.

More detail... What can Omnex offer your cinema(s)?

You may know that Omnex already provides remote and telephone support to cinemas across the UK, from 8am til 10pm 7-days per week. To deliver material assistance to the cinema industry, between now and 1 April 2021 the team at Omnex is offering this support to all cinemas without charge. We have the largest Engineering Team and are geographically spread to be within easy reach across the country. We will do our best to provide any required remedies remotely.

Should your issue require an engineer site visit — or you would like to arrange one of our engineers for something special — it will be at a reduced engineer rate of £395 (rather than £495) during this period — in effect, a Pay-As-You-Go service. You only use us when you need to. You won't need to pay for traditional contracts in full and upfront and should you request to have a site visit it is at a reduced rate.

Should you wish to take up this proposal, we will arrange for our local engineer to meet you at your cinema; their role will be to capture the IP structure (to enable remote connectivity) and complete a technology census so that the wider Omnex team has foresight of your equipment to support you.

Additionally, if you currently pay for a dedicated phone line for your NOC services and you have a LANsat, we can switch the service to the LANsat line, saving you additional overhead.

VPF Warranties and a new service provider

The original VPF tied cinemas into using a specific service partner; typically, the VPF providers — and in some cases, VPF providers charged a premium so that companies such as Omnex would provide them on their behalf. The end of VPF deals means you are now free to choose your service provider and I am confident that Omnex is able to offer a highly skilled engineering team at the sector’s best-value price.

It’s also worth noting that, if your original equipment was provided via a VPF deal, certain equipment fell under a maintenance plan. By moving to, or continuing with, a service plan with Omnex, the registered equipment will remain under warranty.

For additional peace of mind, Omnex is a recognised dealer of all DCI technology manufacturers and our engineers are trained across their various technologies. These include:

Switching to Omnex as your service provider.

The easy part! This offer is not specific to ‘VPF cinemas’ — our proposal of support can be taken whether you are at the end of a VPF deal, have none in place or use an alternative provider. Then from April onwards, we have three different levels of service contract to choose from. You can sign-up now, make use of our free support service and we won’t start charging until 1st April.

A reminder of our new reduced-price pay-monthly service plans from April 2021:

Select one of the packages above, receive your free support until April 2021, when you can then pay monthly to reduce your outgoings and minimise cashflow.

Available for any cinema to use - ex VPF or not

For any additional information on our proposal, please email me directly via simon@omnex.co.uk or office@omnex.co.uk. You can also contact me on the phone 07825 642401 or the office on 0161 477 7633.

In closing, we believe we are a close-knit relationship-led industry and I hope our support will contribute to us all coming out the other side; we wish you every success in the coming weeks.

Best wishes, Simon

Omnex ProFilm, 9-11 North End Road, London, W14 8ST / 0161 477 7633 / info@omnex.co.uk

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Simon Tandy