The w4y w3 pl4y Personality and play style

This little video from extra credits sums up for those of you who want a quick summary. From that, I'll be going a little more in detail and a more thorough study of personality and what/how we play. Thank you to Extra Credits. Check out their channel. seriously, it's great.

Explorers want to know the inner workings of the game and how it functions. MBTI: INTP, INTJ, ENTP, and ENTJ.

Game genres they may like include: CRPG, FPS-CRPG, Open-world CRPG, MMORPG, Adventure, Turn-based Strategy, Physics Puzzler, Flight Simulator, and Simulation.

The Achiever wants items, both rare and common, and to accomplish great things. MBTI: ISTJ, ESTJ, ISFJ, and ESFJ.

Genres they may like: CRPG, FPS-RPG, Open-World CRPG, MMMORPG, MMOG, Action, Survival Horror, Real Time Strategy, Space shooter, and Social.

Killers love asserting dominance over other players and love popping other peoples bubbles, with a bullet. MBTI: ISTP, ESTP, ISFP, and ESFP.

Genres they might possibly enjoy are: FPS, FPS-CRPG, MMOG, Action, Survival Horror, Physics puzzler, Real Time Strategy, Flight Simulator, Space Shooter, and Music.

To the Socializer, a game is a way to meet and hang out with new people. MBTI: INFP, ENFP, INFJ, and ENFJ.

Game genres that may take their fancy are: Adventure, Music, MMORPG, and Social games

Richard Bartle himself

The 4 gamer types and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) types seem to match with that play style. Note that this is painting in broad strokes and won't cover every individual fully and in some cases, may be quite off.

Achievers are diamonds (they're always seeking treasure).

Killers are clubs (they hit people with them).

Socialisers are hearts (they empathise with other players).

Explorers are spades (they dig around for information).

However, this still paints in broad stripes and game devs. would have to be careful on how you use this taxonomy. The best way to use this is to look at a game feature, level, mechanic, etc. and evaluate which group will enjoy this part of the game the most.

However, I find this system to be more effective. This is a hybrid of a Keirsey-Bartle Diagram with the Bateman DGD1 Model Overlaid.

I thank you for reading through this and I hope with all sincerity that you found any info helpful for you.


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