Central Dispatch CGEMC Newsletter | June 2021

go electric for a "greener" lawn

Is it time to upgrade your mower? Consider going electric! Electric lawn mowers have come a long way. Thanks to faster charging times, longer battery life, and quieter performance, their popularity has grown.

There is a wide selection of name brand, all-electric riding, push, and self-propelled, robotic mowers readily available in the consumer and commercial markets. Their performance is on par with their gas-powered counterparts, and much of the initial cost can be recovered quickly, as electricity is much less expensive than gas. The average consumer can save about $250 in reduced maintenance costs over the life of the mower!

A top-tier, cordless, walk-behind electric mower can mow a half-acre lawn in a single charge. Robotic mowers offer a hands-off approach to lawn maintenance. They work best with small, simple yards that are relatively flat. The cost for robot mowers starts around $1,000, and they require boundary installation.

When it is time to upgrade your mower, consider going green! You will reap the benefits of less maintenance, lower cost to operate, and noise reduction. That's something that you and your neighbors will appreciate!

Share your thoughts on electric vehicles with us

Do you drive an electric vehicle? Or, do you have plans to in the future? We'd like to know! Please take a moment to respond to our short CGEMC Electric Vehicle survey.

notice of capital credit assignments

Central Georgia EMC (CGEMC) announces that the capital credit assignment for 2020 is 10.45 percent. In an electric cooperative structure, such as CGEMC, each dollar paid in excess of the cost of providing service is an investment in CGEMC by its customer-owners.

At the end of the year, after all expenses are paid, any remaining funds are assigned to customer-owners’ accounts. CGEMC’s margins are used as capital until they can be returned through a general refund without impairing the cooperative’s financial condition.

Your capital credit assignment is calculated by multiplying your total electric bill for the year, minus the sales tax and any miscellaneous charges times the 10.45 percent. For example:

  • If your annual bill totaled: $150 x .1045, your assignment is: $15.68
  • If your annual bill totaled: $300 x .1045, your assignment is: $31.35
  • If your annual bill totaled: $500 x .1045, your assignment is: $52.25
  • If your annual bill totaled: $1,000 x .1045, your assignment is: $104.50

Note: Assignments do not include Central Georgia EMC large power accounts.

New employees

We are excited to welcome Ashlin McCray to our Customer Service Team.

broadband update

fiber is future focused

Building a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network takes several years. Won't fiber technology be obsolete by then?

Quite the opposite. A fiber network is built for the future! In addition to super fast transmission speeds, a fiber-optic network can carry an extremely high amount of data and is not limited by bandwidth.

Fiber-optic systems are made up of tiny strands of glass that carry data using light waves, resulting in much faster internet speeds and better reliability than traditional copper lines. Central Georgia EMC and Conexon Connect believe FTTH is the best, most sustainable communications choice.

In addition to providing consistent “symmetrical” high speeds for both uploading and downloading, fiber is more reliable than other networks because it’s less susceptible to interference and damage from lightning or extreme weather. By following the electric footprint of the cooperative, the fiber network also has an established installation and maintenance system in place, reinforcing its sustainability.

Because of its superior reliability and affordability, fiber will continue to power internet evolution for years into the future.

We love giving back to our communities, and we've been doing that creatively during this unusual time. In May, seventy-eight CGEMC employees and friends completed a virtual 5K to support United in Pink. United in Pink is a local organization focused on survivorship and quality of life for families affected by a breast cancer diagnosis.

CGEMC committed a donation on behalf of each participant, and we were overwhelmed by the response from employees! Because of COVID-19 restrictions, each set out to walk or run a dedicated 5K (3.1 miles) on their own (or with a buddy) at the time and location of their choice. It was good fun for a great cause!

All of the funds donated will benefit families right here in central Georgia. Thank you, United in Pink, for all you do to support our members during their times of need. Learn more about this outstanding organization at unitedinpink.org.

CheckOut by paygo

Introducing Checkout by PayGo, an easy, convenient way to pay your electric bill while you run your errands!

Pay your bill where you shop, with over 50,000 retail locations nationwide. Here's how it works:

  1. Obtain your unique barcode.
  2. Take it with you where you shop.
  3. Make a cash payment at the cash register. Your payment is instantly applied to your CGEMC bill.

If you have questions about Checkout by PayGo, contact us, and a customer representative will be glad to assist you. 770-775-7857.

Holiday closing

The Central Georgia EMC office will be closed on Monday, July 5, 2021.

Our remote self-service account options and the on-site payment kiosk will be available. In case of a power outage, please call our 24-hour automated system at 770-775-7857 or 1-800-222-4877 for an immediate response. System Operators are on duty to assist you.

Community blood drive

Join CGEMC and Fuel Georgia on June 17, 2021, as we host a Community Red Cross Blood Drive on the CGEMC campus.

plug into solar!

Cooperative Solar block sales are on the rise! The longer days of spring provide longer production hours, and our solar field additions offer increased reliability. Cooperative Solar allows you to reap the benefits of clean energy by adding affordable and renewable solar power to your monthly energy mix. Even renters can participate!

Cooperative Solar is available in 1-kilowatt (kW) blocks at an affordable $19 per month, per block. Best of all, you will receive a credit on your monthly bill for kilowatt-hours (kWh) generated by your solar energy block(s). Request your blocks today!

Call 770-775-7857 or 1-800-222-4877 to learn more about adding solar energy to your monthly energy mix.

2021 Annual Meeting of Members

Save the Date!

Wednesday, August 4, 2021 - 10 AM

CGEMC Annex - 1083 S. Mulberry Street, Jackson

In May, the Central Georgia EMC Foundation awarded $15,182 in grants to charitable organizations in our territory.

Qualifying 501(c)(3) organizations in our service territory are invited to submit an application to the Central Georgia EMC Foundation.

Through Operation Round Up, our members support local organizations with a mission to make our communities even better places to live, work, and dream big. By simply rounding up your monthly electric bill to the next dollar, you can join in! Our pennies add up to make BIG CHANGE!

Qualifying organizations are invited to submit an application to the Operation Round Up Foundation. The Foundation Board will review grant requests and administer the funds, based on the merit of each grant application and available funds.

June co-op connections deals

Keep Your Home Comfortable with Co-op Connections Deals*!

Airtekk Comfort Solutions - 20% off any service; $450 off qualifying heat pumps. 404-550-1582

EnergyWise Heating and Air Conditioning - 10% discount on any service repair. 706-468-9742

Head Heating and Air - 10% discount on repairs; free estimate for equipment replacement. 478-992-0044

Jackson Heating and Cooling - 10% off any repair; $100 off equipment replacement. 770-775-5262

Meeks Heating and Air - $49 service call special (includes trip and diagnostic charges) 770-227-5753

Nail Heating and Air Conditioning - 10% off services; $150 off new systems. 770-946-8088

Phillips Heating and Air - 10% off services; 5% off equipment. 770-880-9932

We’re excited to provide you with this exclusive, free membership that has countless benefits. You can access Co-op Connections directly from the CGEMC website at www.cgemc.com.

*Deals are subject to change.

Are you a local business who would like to be included in Co-op Connections? Click the link below. It is simple and free!

ENERGY savings TIPs

Energy tip

A dirty filter causes your air conditioner to work harder than necessary. Remember to change your air filter every month (or every two months) to prevent dust buildup, which can lead to even bigger problems.


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