Florida Museum of Natural History Ragan Sheehan

Nature on Display

One exhibit that I found to be particularly appealing is the Waterways and Wildlife exhibit. I found this exhibit interesting because I love the water and animals that live in the water. I grew up on the river and going to the beach so I have always been drawn to water and it's various inhabitants. This exhibit was intriguing because it recreated the environments from different waterways realistically, so that us as onlookers would feel as if we were there ourselves. I felt as though I learned more from the exhibit being a display versus just reading about it because I was able to see the things they were talking about and did not have to just imagine them. I found the displays enjoyable because they were so detailed and had so much information.

Nature and the Human Spirt

The Butterfly Rainforest really made me stop and appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world. It is very peaceful and calming inside the Rainforest with its various trees and the corresponding butterflies that reside around them. I also was able to just stand and watch the butterflies fly around with no interruptions and this made me feel as if I was an actual part of the environment, and not just an observer. It was nice to be able to take a break from ordinary life and just be able to watch the butterflies.

Nature and Ethics

The Natural History museum provided a different view of nature. One of the exhibits that I liked was the fossil exhibit. It allowed you to see nature in the present and also the past. It was very cool walking through the museum because there were so many different exhibits and each one focused on a different part of nature. The realistic aspects of the exhibits made it easy to connect with nature and created a good visual image of the history. Walking through the exhibit made me really appreciate the beauty of nature and made me want to keep it natural.

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