Francesca Velarde photosynthesis and respiration BY: Francesca. E .Velarde

Hello my name is Francesca as you know and I will be explaining the process of Photosythesis and cellar respiration.



First of all what is photosynthesis? Photosythesis is a process in which flowers/ plants/ trees get food and energy from. Where might Photosythesis happan? Well... It can happen to pretty much all plants well... Most like flowers and other plants it starts in the chlorophyll. When can Photosythesis happan? Well the only way for Photosythesis to start is the sun it gives energy to the leafs of plants in which the leaf traps the energy. How does the process go? It starts with Suns energy being trapped in the leafs of plant in which the plant uses the Suns light energy, water, and carbon dioxide. This creates food and energy for the plants.

Cellur respiration

Now that we have moved on we should probally move into cellar respiration and what it means.

Cellar respiration!!!

What is cellar respiration really what does it do? Cellar respiration breaks down molcules and creates a energy to fuel plants. Where does cellar respiration take place? Cellar respiration is starts in mitochondrion. When does it start? It starts pretty much all the time everyday.

The End!



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