Inject Creativity Live Wednesday 9th September 2020

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Mike Turner

AEL, and Technology Teacher from Mitchell High School in Blacktown, NSW.

The interactive side of InDesign

Interactive files can link to websites, and have multiple 'slides' that you can set the navigation rules for.

Mike demonstrated how using a simple copy and paste can enable you to create multiple objects with the same dimensions and states.

Mike then aligned all of his copied puppies so they lined up with his original...

Then he created a button to scroll through his puppy images.

The interaction he is setting up above is how to make a simple shape a button, using the buttons and forms to dictate what happens when the triangle 'button' is tapped on this page.

Mike also demonstrated how easy it is to publish an InDesign project online for sharing. This is hosted for you on a server by Adobe.

Paul McClean

Head of Rare Innovation, and newly minted AEL from New Zealand

Work Programs for students

Through emphasising collaboration in sessions or experiences (instead of classes), Paul aims to improve the experiential element of meaningful and rich education experiences.

From the school perspective, his approach creates ecosystems that assist in creating skilled individuals to meet what Paul has described as a shortfall in creative skills.

Paul uses Bloom's Taxonomy as an analysis tool to validate the efficacy of his approaches in the background.

Created By
Erin Raethke


Created with images by MMT - "graffiti wall mural" • geralt - "play stone network networked" • Katya Austin - "Portland Festival of Lights"