Puerto Rico With all its wonders

What Puerto Rico is like:

Puerto Rico is a beautiful place with tons of culture. It is sunny most of the time and there are many beaches with views you only have seen in movies. Puerto Rico is located in North America, east of the Dominican Republic. It is mostly mountainous with large coastal areas.

History of Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico is Spanish for "Rich Port". Puerto Rico was originally populated by the Taíno people. The island was claimed in 1493 by Christopher Columbus, but had been attempted to be taken over by the French, Dutch and the British. For hundreds of years, the culture has evolve, often following Hispanic and African cultures.

What to know to get by:

Spanish and English are both spoken in Puerto Rico, but Spanish is the predominant language. The population is around 3.5 Million. Taínos are what the native population is called, but many often consider themselves Native American. Puerto Rico's currency is the US dollar, so you are all set if you are from the United States!

La Lococión:

Puerto Rico es pequeña. Puerto Rico es soleado. Puerto Rico tiene mucho playas. Puerto Rico es por el Caribbean Sea y el Océano Atlántico Norte. Puerto rico tiene muchos montañas. El población en Puerto Rico es 3.5 millión. Puerto Rico es mucho bonito.

Music In Puerto Rico:

Music that is popular there is reggaeton, which originated in Puerto Rico in the 1990s. Some reggaeton artists are Daddy Yankee and Don Omar. Many of the songs produced by these artists are heard all over the United States, so you may be familiar with some of the Puerto Rican culture already! Tambien hay mucho de otro tipos de Puerto Rican musica que puede gustar como jíbaro, salsa, y bomba y plena. La música más popular es Puerto Rican pop.

Food Well Loved:

One thing that you will soon discover, shortly once you arrive, is how much food Puerto Ricans make. Many of the ingredients and meal ideas have come from the Taíno Natives of Puerto Rico. Algunos platos populares en Puerto Rico son lechon y mofongo. También mi favorita es arroz con gandules.


Natives Of Puerto Rico:

The native people of Puerto Rico are the Taínos. Scientists were very impressed by the Taíno people. They had developed a universal language and had constructed ceremonial ball parks. They believed in Gods and held ceremonial dances. Like what was stated earlier, a lot of the food that is now very popular in Puerto Rico, derived from Taíno people. Gente Taino llevan aretes de oro y otras joyas. Música de gente Taíno contiene una sola línea que desciende en su tono.

San Sabastián Festival:

Every year in San Juan, there is the San Sabastián festival. It is a huge celebration flowing their long Christmas celebration. The festival is comparable to Mardi Gras. Hay es musica todo al rededor. People dance around in costumes, drink and just have a good time in general. El tráfico es pesado así que llegar temprano.

un concierto

El Yunque National Forest:

This forest is located in northeastern Puerto Rico. It was previously known as the Caribbean Forest There are waterfalls and swimming holes that are a blast to swim in! El Yunque is also renowned for its unique Taíno petroglyphs. There are over 200 inches of rainfall per year. So where your rain coats! There is an entrance fee of four dollars for adults and 2 dollars for seniors, but kids under fifteen are free. Hay una serie de senderos. Hay una Sierra Palms área de recreación.

Castillo De San Cristóbal:

The Castillo San Cristóbal is a fort in San Juan, Puerto Rico. A little history on this fort, is that it was built by Spain to protect against attacks on San Juan. There is a five dollar entrance fee to get into both the fort and El Morro. The weather is both hot and rainy. Make sure you bring your camera to take a lot of pictures! Castillo De San Cristóbal también contiene cisterns. Ellos eran grande! Si estuvieran fijados podrían ser utilizados de nuevo

Culebra Island:

Culebra is an island 20 miles off the north-east coast of Puerto Rico. Culebra has multiple beaches. se puede ir buceo y nadando con el mar animales! You should pack light! The island has everything, so it is better for the islands economy if you buy necessitys from their. Also, you help by leaving less trash behind. The only thing that will cost money on this island, (besides food and souvenirs of course) is the ferry ride to and from. The ferry ride costs $2.25 each time you ride it. Hace buen tiempo. Mucho sol.

Old San Juan:

Old San Juan is the oldest settlement in Puerto Rico. Although you might have to pay for transportation to the city, there is a free trolley that stops at most of the big attractions. You would also have to pay for souvenirs and food. The weather is primarily in the 80s, but it can get pretty hot! Traer los anteojos de sol y una crema solar. Tambien traer una camera digital sacar una foto!

Dr. Juan A. Rivero Zoo:

Dr. Juan A. Rivero Zoo is 45 acres and is the only zoo in Puerto Rico. It is named after its first director. It is eleven dollars for children eleven and under, and it is sixteen dollars for people twelve and older. As well as four dollars for parking. El zoológico se encuentra en el lado oeste de la isla. Hace calor pero hay sombra. You may want to pack lunch because food can get pricey!


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