The Evolution of The Three-toed Skinks Tanner gillman

The three-toed skink adapted to its environment by being able to give lively birth. The skink has the ability to give birth both through eggs as well as live. It depends on what type of environment they are in, the skink lives around the coast as well as in the mountains and according to it states: "Skinks living on the coast tend to lay eggs, probably because the warm weather is predictable and sufficient for embryonic development. Those skinks living in the cooler mountains tend to give birth to live young, the mother’s body providing a more stable temperature." This shows that the skink was able to adapt to its surroundings to allow it to be successful in reproduction. This is a modern example of evolution because the skinks are changing and adapting to their environment when it is necessary to allow them to stay successful as a species.

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Tanner Gillman

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